Springfield Armory SAINT Edge ATC

The all new SAINT Edge ATC is built around the patented “Accurized Tactical Chassis” and is designed to deliver maximum precision in the AR platform. Featuring a monolithic lower/handguard system, the SAINT Edge ATC delivers a 100% free-floated barrel ensuring that the barrel, barrel nut and gas system are totally free from any contact with the lower chassis.

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Chambered in .223 Wylde, the ATC is offered in a standard black model as well as an Elite version finished in Cerakote® Coyote Brown, paired with an upgraded LaRue 2-Stage trigger and B5 Systems’ Precision Stock. For those that demand sub-moa precision from their AR-style rifle, this series is guaranteed to deliver.​

For more information, visit springfield-armory.com

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It is nice to see innovation for a precision ar-15 rifle, but it would be awesome to see a similar style handguard for a standard rifle or pistol. Instead of applying that technology to a new style AR-15 precision platform. Why didn't Springfield apply that to the more common everyday AR-15 rife or pistol for that matter. I mean the aesthetics are out of this world, and look great, but to build it on a precision platform in my opinion, was a shot in the wrong direction for Springfield, unless offered in a more suitable cartridge's such as 6.5grendel or 6ARC etc.

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