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Springfield Armory Saint Victor – Sootch00 Review

Saint Victor AR-15Saint Victor AR-15

The Springfield Armory Saint Victor comes between the Saint as an entry-level option and the Saint Edge, Springfield’s top-tier Rifle. With a Mid-Length Gas System, SA Muzzle Brake, and Heavy Tungsten Buffer, this is a super soft shooting AR-15. The HEX Optics Dragonfly is an impressive Red Dot Sight.

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The Springfield Armory Saint Victor stands out; it is a beautiful rifle with exceptional finishes. It sets itself apart from the run-of-the-mill AR-15.

Purpose-built, each Saint Victor features a free float M-Lok® handguard and performance upgrades for professional-grade reliability. It locks it down to the barrel nut and will give you a lot of stability.

Enhancements include a premium nickel boron trigger, Melonite® coated barrel, enhanced Melonite® coated carrier group, and a pinned gas block. This finish holds up to any corrosion or rust.

Versatile and adaptable, each Saint Victor configuration delivers premium shoot ability at a great value. Available in 5.56 and now .308, a Saint Victor configuration is ideally suited for your application.

The Mid-Length Gas System on the Springfield Armory Saint Victor gives you less gas pressure back onto your action and is very reliable. This gas system is a low-profile gas block that has been pinned.

The Springfield Armory Saint Victor is the softest shooting AR-15. It is very pointable and has a skinny hand guard. It is so easy to get on target.



Saint Victor features a full-length “interrupted” rail to accommodate modern shooting styles, providing comfort for those who shoot with a thumb-over grip.


An enhanced, nickel boron-coated single-stage flat trigger ensures a grit-free pull for consistent accuracy. This trigger is super smooth. It is natural and has a great trigger pull to get that good accuracy. There is no take-up and it has a nice crisp break. This flat trigger is my favorite thing about this Rifle.


The Saint Victor Rifle comes outfitted with polymer, SA spring-loaded flip-up iron sights adjustable for windage and elevation.


Magnetic particle inspection and high-pressure testing ensure ultimate reliability.


QD mounts built into the endplate and stock offer multiple options to suit your sling configuration preference.


A newly designed muzzle brake eliminates barrel rise and softens recoil. 

For more information about the Springfield Armory, Saint Victor click here. 

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