Springfield Armory’s SAINT Victor Series of Defensive Firearms

New for 2019, the SAINT Victor series of rifles and pistols from Springfield Armory are designed to give you everything you need on a premium defensive firearm, right out of the box.

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The SAINT Victor series of rifle and pistols from Springfield Armory set a new standard for what you should expect from a defensive firearm.

saint victor

Now available in these configurations:


STV916556B –  Rifle 5.56       MSRP $1,073

STV916556BCA –  Rifle 5.56 CA Compliant    MSRP $1,073


STV975556B – Pistol 5.56          MSRP $1,015

STV909300B –  Pistol .300 BLK   MSRP $1,015


STV9115556B –  SBR 5.56          MSRP $1,073

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