Steiner Predator 4 Riflescope Review

Eric Lewis, owner of Pork Choppers Aviation, takes a look at the NEW Predator 4 Riflescope from Steiner.

The Predator 4 riflescope features an illuminated, second focal plane E3 reticle designed specifically for hunters! The E3 reticle is in second (rear) focal plane which allows your crosshairs to remain fully visible, regardless of magnification setting. The E3 reticle also offers 5 MPH and 10 MPH crosswind reference marks for every 100 yard increment; and provides BDC (bullet drop compensation) holdover marks for each 100 yard increment along the lower vertical cross hair. The illumination has 11 total brightness levels (5 day/6 night), and can easily be fine-tuned with a dial on the side of the scope.

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The Predator 4 comes in a variety of zoom options to fit your exact hunting needs.

Product Features:
Rugged and lightwight
Best-In-Class optical clarity
Massive field of view
Industry leading light transmission
Versatile for different hunting pursuits
Predator diamond coating.

For more information on the Predator 4 riflescope, visit:

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