New Pistol: STI International’s Self Defense Costa H.O.S.T. Pistol

STI International and self-defense expert Chris Costa came together to create a new series of Costa pistols.

STI designs firearms for competition, duty and self-defense, which makes STI and Chris Costa a perfect match.

The Costa H.O.S.T. pistol comes with the new vortex viper red dot sight. You have the option to mount whatever you want on it. It also includes tall tritium sights that functions when a suppressor is attached to a gun’s pre-threaded barrel according to The Tactical Wire.

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Features also include the 2011 platform, providing higher round capacity and the modular design of the 2011 transfers recoil along a flatter plain. The concealed carry also has a tactical slim magwell and a tan TreeBark stippled grip in the color brown. To top it off, the metal parts comes with a durable diamond like carbon finish.

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You can purchase a Costa H.O.S.T. pistol at

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For more information on the features of this product visit

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