Meet the Masters Behind the Craft: Springfield Armory Custom Shop

Have you heard about the Springfield Armory Custom Line? Watch the video and listen to their story.

“The Springfield Armory line of custom 1911s are methodically built with a level of patience and precision that honors the tradition of the venerable pistol platform. The Custom Shop pistols are carefully hand-built by master Springfield Armory Pistolsmiths in the pursuit of creating the finest custom 1911s on the market.”

To learn more about the Springfield Armory Custom Shop visit

Check out what the Social Media Community is saying about the Springfield Armory Custom Line. 

“Custom 1911s Springfield produces are proof that craftsmanship is still alive in America.”

“I have a couple of Kimbers but my Springfield Loaded is what I go to. Price and the quality surpasses some of the higher end 1911’s”
“Beautifully crafted video.”
“High quality, average price Springfield Armory 1911s are my choice bar none!!”
“That appreciation and craftsmanship is soulful.”
“Awesome, just AWESOME! Bravo to these craftsmen (and women).”

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