Summer Carry: Fanny Pack Set-Up with Sootch00

When it comes to concealed carry, I’m not a big fan of off-body carry. You can definitely have something in a separate backpack, and I mean there’s a lot of concealed carry compartments that are included in a lot of those packs, and I like that option mainly for a backup. But, I personally like to have a firearm on my person – like in a fanny pack.

One of the things about summertime is that you’re not dressed to be able to wear a belt, you may be in a bathing suit, gym shorts, things like that, and you may be doing things like swimming which kind of limits you to being able to carry on your person. In the past I had a small pouch that I would put my essentials in including my phone, my concealed carry, and a few other things – but I had to carry it around and it just wasn’t really up to what I needed. I started finding fanny packs being very useful. Again, they have come more into fashion even though it’s not really about fashion, but you don’t want to stand out. This week, we just got back from the beach where I set up this fanny pack, and it was perfect. Everything I had was right there, I was able to access it easily, and it gave me enough room to really kind of get organized. Yet when I needed to carry it, I could throw it around my waist as it’s not dependent on a belt or I could throw it over my shoulder and I was able to walk and do whatever I needed to do. If needed, I could put it down, I could go swimming, or do whatever else I wanted to do. We always had someone around our area so they could keep an eye on it. Having your concealed carry in a fanny pack is much better than having it in one of your beach bags down in there with the towels and you’re trying to dig to find your firearm. In the past I’ve carried a Ruger LCP just for that reason because I wanted something really small – but it was really inadequate.

In today’s video, we’re going to take a look at a little fanny pack setup that I have. In fact, I have a couple of different ones. One of the things about packs is that it’s going to be something that has to suit you and suit your needs. It’s like they say – you be you, but I’m gonna be me, and this is what I really like. Again, I do have a couple of extra options.

My pack is a Highland Tactical, and again, I’m not even really sure where I got this. I think I may have gotten it on eBay, but really it’s just a standard pouch and there’s a ton of different types out there. One of the things that I want to preface with this is that I personally want my concealed carry in here along with my phone and there’s a few other things that I want in here when I am going to carry this at the beach or anywhere else I may be going.

While you’re out at the pool, while you’re swimming while you’re at the lake, the ocean, the beach, you know you’re enjoying yourself and you’re not really dressed for concealed carry, but you don’t want to carry a backpack or a large sling pack. I think these fanny packs work great. You can call it a butt-pack, a waist pack or call it whatever you want to, but these are really great little options. They help to keep things really organized and you can get to them. I like the compartment in the bag that kind of keeps the firearm hidden, but everything else I can open up and use immediately. A word of caution guys is that you don’t want to just leave this unattended. At least have someone to be able to watch it or know about it because you don’t want somebody to pick this up, run off with it and then you lose a lot of valuables. So again, there’s a number of different options. This isn’t about just one. It’s about whatever is your preference and finding the right one for you makes life a lot easier. But guys, if you have a concealed carry permit or you have constitutional carry, you need to carry not just for yourself but for your family or those who are in need.

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