SureFire Kicks Things Up A Notch With New MasterFire Holster System

SureFire prides itself in producing tools and tactical products like the new MasterFire Rapid Deploy Holster system, according to The Tactical Wire.

This unique retention holster uses has a lot of great features. For starters, it has an open top design to retain almost any handgun or handgun configuration. It also comes with suppressors and red dot sights. The MasterFire has lug-and-cam system locks that helps to keep the weaponlight and handgun in place with level III retention. But this MasterFire bolster is not like the others that came before. It is indexed to the weaponlight, which makes it possible to be used with any handgun with a mounted H-Series SureFire weaponlight.

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Another great feature that comes with the holster is its light-activation switch, which can be used to automatically activate the H-Series weaponlight or laser when the gun is drawn. According to The Tactical Wire, it saves valuable time in high-stress situations and makes one-handed manipulations more manageable.

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The unique light-activation switch can be set to automatically activate the H-Series WeaponLight or laser when the gun is drawn and helps to save valuable time in high-stress situations.

You can purchase the SureFire MasterFire Holster System at

For more information, please visit

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