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There are so many survival lessons to be learned from the old pioneers on the Oregon Trail.

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Horseback was the original way of getting through on the Oregon Trail; then, when families started moving across the western plains, the wagon became the mode of transportation. Something to think about in a bug-out situation is that you will need many supplies to make it to a destination. The further the destination, the more supplies you are going to need.

One of the biggest survival lessons to be had if you are bugging out, you need to weigh out your options. Know where you are going, and calculate how much food you are going to need. On the Oregon Trail, you had to have all the food you needed because there were no resupplies on the trail. It is possible you could run into a situation where you see delays; make sure to not only have the food you are going to need but the tools as well.

Another survival lesson to be learned from the pioneers on the Oregon Trail is to have a level of protection. During 1830 -1869 they carried percussion rifles, flintlock rifles, or shotguns. They had to pack bullets, powder, and implements to produce ammunition. A hunting knife was also essential. Always think about self-defense and hunting options when packing for bug-out situations.

It is essential to look at history because mankind has been through survival situations over and over. With the sense of adventure that most early Americans had, there are many survival lessons to be learned. If it can go wrong, it will go wrong, so you have to think outside the box of everything that can happen as the early pioneers did on the Oregon Trail.

Survival Lessons

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