S&W Model 351 PD Airlite 22 Magnum Revolver Sootch00 Review

S&W Model 351 PD AirLite 22 Magnum Revolver. Thanks to Thad for the loaner and great range day! Also we appreciate Federal for Supplying the 22 WMR ammo. #S&W351PD #Revolver #22magnum

The Smith and Wesson Model 351 Airlite is a super lightweight revolver. This one is in 22 Magnum and has extremely low recoil. It is very easy to slip into your pocket and has over the top quality.

The Model 351 Airlite is great for if you’re going on a hike, camping, or using it for self defense.

As far as the basic revolver goes, the Smith and Wesson is hard to beat. They have been around for a long time, but still have a lot of innovation in the new models of their revolvers.

The barrel on the 351 PD Airlite is 1.875 inches in length and is made of stainless steel. However, unlike the barrel, the barrel shroud, the frame, and the cylinder are all made out of aluminum alloy.

It is a seven shot revolver and is very smooth and easy to reload and unload. The frame of the pistol has a matte finish with the grip being made out of rosewood. The grip looks slick, but really has a good feel to it. The true weight of the pistol is 11.2oz. It was made to be light.

The S&W 351 PD Airlite was based on the j-frame which has been around for a number of years. The j-frame is Smith and Wesson’s smallest length. The overall length for this revolver is 6.2 inches. The gun does get a little thick around the cylinder, but it can still easily slide into your pocket.

The Airlite does have a transfer bar that you can see when you pull the hammer back. When you pull the trigger, the transfer bar releases and comes down. This is due to this revolver having a floating firing pin. This makes the gun safer. If you drop it on the hammer, the gun will not go off.

Your cylinder release is behind the cylinder. You can release the cylinder by simply pushing the release forward.

The 351 PD Airlite is a double single action revolver. This means that if you pull the trigger with the hammer down, it will fire. However, typically it is not good to dry fire rimfire handguns.

On the front of the barrel, there is a fiber optic high vis sight. On the back there is a u-notch that lines up perfectly with that front sight.

Double action revolvers are very safe. The initial really long trigger pull is your safety. If you have the hammer back, that is not safe to carry like that. 

The double action trigger pull weight is 11lbs 14.8oz and the single action weight is 1lbs 15oz.

Thanks to Federal for sending us the 22 WMR ammunition for this test.

The S&W Model 351 PD Airlite is a great firearm for self defense and protection. This revolver has a little more power than your standard 22 LR pistol. While at the range, we had no malfunctions and the pistol shot great. The recoil was low and the sights worked great especially with the lowness of them.

One of the things about the short barrel that affects your firing is that you are going to lose a lot of the velocity that you would normally have with a 22.

These are not cheap. The msrp is $766 and the typical market price is $679. Smith and Wesson quality in revolvers is more expensive than your typical 22.

“Be Strong, Be of Good Courage, God Bless America, Long Live the Republic.” – Sootch00

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