Sootch00 Review: Switch-Gun 22 Magnum Spring Loaded Mini Revolver

I love innovation, but I love something when it is very practical. One of the things about self-defense is sometimes you have to be very discreet. So today we are taking a look at the Standard Manufacturing Switch-Gun. This is mini revolver is made in the USA and very similar to North American Arms or the previous Freedom Arms, a little five-shot, mini revolver.

These are really small and easy to put into your pocket. Then, with the built-in grip, it just locks down and it’s a very small package and you can’t tell what’s in the pocket. The great thing is when you need it and you bring it out, it’s easy to deploy. Very solid grip on it. So while this is based on an existing design, I think there are some things here that set it apart from a lot of the other offerings.

It’s all stainless steel, it’s five-shot, it’s 22 Magnum, and it’s a little pocket rocket.

We really appreciate Standard Manufacturing Company for sending the Switch-Gun for this review. It’s just hit the market and again, it’s just fun to see these really unusual little firearms that are very useful come out for whatever self-defense situation you want to handle.

From Standard Manufacturing:

The latest advancement in personal protection from Standard Manufacturing is the revolutionary new switch gun. The switch gun fits into your pocket and occupies about the same space as your cell phone. When in the folded position, the grip of the switch gun completely encapsulates the trigger to prevent an accidental discharge. Upon depressing a button, the switch gun immediately springs open as it is ready for the immediate and reliable discharge of five .22 Magnum cartridges. It can be folded into a very small form factor and stored in your pocket to conceal when not in use. Unlike any of its competitors, the switch gun features a large handle to provide a tremendous grip similar to a full-sized revolver which provides the highest degree of control and accuracy.

The switch gun is the premier style of high-quality folding gun available on the market. With the press of a button, our folding pocket firearms can become small enough to fit into your pocket. We offer a variety of folding handguns and folding pistols that are now available on our website. Our team is also available if you have any questions or need help finding what you need.

A switch gun can help anyone make sure that they can always defend themselves. Having a gun that can be concealed in one’s pocket or fit easily into a drawer in your home can provide you with the proper protection wherever you may be. All our folding firearms are designed for your safety and comfort in mind. They are built to be as compact as possible without sacrificing the most important aspects of a firearm, such as a comfortable grip and easy firing. This foldable gun design means that you will be able to maintain proper control over the weapon and fire as accurately as possible but still benefit from easy concealment and store the switch gun in small spaces.


  • Frame and Barrel: CNC Machined Stainless Steel
  • Action: Single Action Folding Revolver
  • Barrel Length: .75″
  • Grip: Large Polymer
  • Weight: 9 Ounces, Loaded
  • Dimensions: 2.125” x 3.75” x .75” Folded

Switch-Gun 22 Magnum: Deployment

The biggest thing about this Switch-Gun is its deployment action. We can get it straight out, it’s very quick, just use the small lever, and we’re ready to go. It’s an all-stainless steel construction, very beefy for a really small little revolver. It is single action and it’s in 22 Magnum.

Now the Switch-Gun is out at the range, it’s just a little 22 Magnum revolver, mini revolver, shoots really well. The grip is long enough to where you feel like you’ve got a good solid grip on it. We shot it with two hands, which you can do. But we also shot it with one hand. And to be honest with you, it shoots better one-handed because there’s something about the way the trigger is when you have those two hands on it. The trigger is made to have a little bit of some safety factor to it and so it can be a little bit tight to get that trigger. Then, when you had it with one hand, it seems to be very natural. Of course, you have to pull that hammer back with every shot because it is a single action, but it’s quick to deploy and you can fire this really rapidly.

The stainless steel finish is going to hold up in all kinds of weather and of course, it just packs away so nicely. You just push that little lever forward and then lock it down and you’ve got something that you can just stick in your pocket. Overall, it just functioned very well, we didn’t have any kind of problems with it, and we didn’t even have any misfires, it just fired every time we pull that hammer back. The recoil on it is about nil—I mean there’s just not any recoil. Sometimes with the smaller little grips on some of the mini-revolvers, the recoil can really kind of pop up in your hand, but with this grip, it’s a solid grip on the pistol.

I have a good friend of mine of this US Marshal, and he carries a small mini revolver in his pocket and he calls it his “Get Off Me” gun, and that’s definitely what this is. Now when it comes to shooting the switch gun, again, half-inch barrel, you’re just going to get a certain amount of accuracy. And to be honest with you, we were shooting at about seven yards and we were peppering the target we were hitting the target but the shots were all around, move it up to about five yards and they really centered up. Robbie got a great group at one point where he really put them all together in a really small little group except for one flyer.

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I think the sights are definitely very minimal and it’s going to be hard to get really superb accuracy with this. But if they get that fiber optic where you can really see it I think that’ll definitely make a difference. But this gun is really made for just up close and personal. Like the old adage, it’s three feet, three seconds, three shots. The Switch-Gun is definitely in that category.


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