Sylvan Arms AR-15 Folding Stock Adapter Sootch00 Review

Sylvan Arms AR Folding Stock Adapter allow you to fold your Stock to make it easier to transport plus it’s reasonably priced. Big thanks to Classic Firearms for sending the Sylvan Gen 3.

Having a folding stock on any rifle makes it really compact, making it easy to stow and easy to transport. With the AR-15, because of the buffer tube and the bolt carrier group riding back into that tube, that has been one of the things that the AR-15 has really lacked over the past years. Laws Tactical produced and released a folding stock adapter a few years ago that I also have, which is great but they’re a really expensive parts company. Sylvan Arms has come out with their Folding Stock Adapter, and the one I am reviewing is actually their Gen 3 but they have put together a couple of others. The adapter really just allows you to take your buffer tube and just fold it up. This makes it really easy and compact to be able to stow your firearm away when you need to, but then on the other hand it’s really quick to deploy. 

We’re going to take a deeper look at the Sylvan Arms Folding Stock Adapter as it’s a much lower price point than some of the others, including Laws Tactical, and there are some advantages as well as some disadvantages between them. 

I really appreciate Classic Firearms for sending the Sylvan. What I think is really cool is that I’m here in South Carolina, and Sylvan is made right here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Sylvan does a lot of other accessories for the AR-15, plu, they make suppressors – another great parts option. 

Installation for this folding stock adapter was really easy and very simple. I have to say, if you can change out a buffer tube, you can install this. It was honestly much easier to install than the Laws Tactical. Within the adapter, there are details built in that will keep it folded so it doesn’t just move or flop back. Another bonus is that it’s really easy to deploy. It is made from 7075T6 aluminum, so that’s going to keep corrosion down. However, with a steel adapter there’s always a possibility of corrosion.

Overall, I love the ability to be able to fold it in making my firearm so much more compact. Especially with some of the legislation that could be coming against pistols, this just gives us another option to keep a very compact firearm in the AR-15.

We appreciate Fiocchi USA for sponsoring the ammo.

sylvan arms

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