Taking the Mossberg MC2sc to the Range

When you hear the name Mossberg, it’s impossible not to think of shotguns. After all, Mossberg is renowned for producing some of the best, most readily available, and reliable shotguns for home and self-defense. 

It’s with that reputation and mission that Mossberg has recently introduced handguns.

That’s right, handguns. Their latest offering is the MC2sc chambered in 9mm. This is the sub-compact variant of their successful, polymer frame, striker-fired pistol, the MC2c. The new sub-compact variant is perfectly sized for concealed carry and comes standard with all the features you want in an easy-to-conceal, everyday carry handgun.

Even though it is a sub-compact pistol, the MC2sc comes with an 11th or 14th double stack magazine, yet is still slim and comfortable with aggressive texturing on the sides, backstrap, and front of the grip. This aggressive texturing and the ergonomics of the grip provide excellent retention and control of the pistol. The 14th magazine has an extended base plate for extra grip length.

Ready…Set…GO for Optics

In addition to the three-dot, low profile, snag-resistant, TruGlo sights, the MC2sc is optics-ready. The slide has been milled, drilled, and tapped to accommodate any micro red dot using the Shield RMSc footprint. This makes mounting optics simple without the need for baseplates or other mounts. To mount an optic, simply remove the optics cut cover plate, then attach your micro red dot onto the slide. It’s that simple.

The trigger has a comfortable, flat profile with integrated blade-type safety. Pull weight is a very manageable 5.5 lbs. A manual safety version is also available.

Speaking of the trigger, you don’t have to pull the bang switch for disassembly. Easily remove the striker from the rear, then simply push the slide forward to remove it from the frame.

Check out the video to watch Sarah Lawhorn give a rundown of all the features and her initial impressions of shooting Mossberg’s new sub-compact pistol!

Written by Matt Foster

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