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Brands, Media Buyers, and Agencies Enjoy Unprecedented Access With Authentic Content and Precision

May 17, 2018 (Atlanta, GA) — With American consumers spending $887 billion annually on outdoor recreation[1], the industry is a formidable force in the U.S. economy. However, due to the continuing decline in reach and effectiveness of traditional outdoor broadcast and print media, and with the shift to online fueling increased fragmentation, consumers are harder than ever to reach. Media Lodge solves those issues for brands, media buyers, and agencies through their arsenal of digital properties. As the premier content creation studio, digital distribution platform, and sales representation company dedicated to outdoor enthusiasts, Media Lodge engages the loyal, consumer audience with authentic content and tactical precision.

Media Lodge offers a targeted, authentic audience at scale, delivering the industry’s most engaged outdoor enthusiasts across a digital landscape delivering more than 40 million unique monthly web visitors across 300+ exclusive websites, and over 250 million monthly impressions across their expansive social media and email platforms.

To reach these hunting, shooting sports, camping, fishing, motorsports, and related active outdoor audience segments, Media Lodge works closely with brand partners to create authentic content and custom marketing programs that support their brand campaigns and accomplish strategic goals. The resulting partnerships create 1-to-1 consumer brand engagement through Media Lodge’s social media, email, video, display, and sponsored content offerings.

In addition to authoritative content from its Emmy Award-winning content creators, Media Lodge possesses unparalleled expertise in commerce and affinity marketing. Access to terabytes of consumer transactional data in the outdoors markets ensures Media Lodge reaches these enthusiasts at all stages of the purchase funnel, from awareness through purchase and brand loyalty.

Jeff Siegel, CEO of Media Lodge, knows that reaching the outdoors recreation audience can often be frustrating and wasteful, but it can’t be ignored. “Brands can harness the power of Media Lodge’s expertise in speaking to this high-spending segment in an authentic voice to capture this difficult-to-reach, but highly sought-after consumers,” he said.

“Cord cutting is accelerating. Many niche outdoor television channels are unrated by Nielsen. The time-buy-centric model creates shows that resemble infomercials, and are barely indistinguishable from one another,” lamented Siegel. “On the print side, magazine circulations and revenues continue to freefall, while some companies are ceasing operations altogether. The line between editorial and advertising is so blurred that readers’ trust in the content is gone. Consumers now flock to digital outlets for their content although lack of quality, subject restrictions, and penalties on some outdoor content from Facebook, Google, and YouTube, plus overall fragmentation still exist. A simple, indisputable fact is that people consume content differently now,” he said.

According to Siegel, “Media buyers consistently tell us that this audience, the classic Middle America, country music fan, outdoor enthusiast, and motorsports fan is extremely difficult to reach, and no one is doing it well, until now. Media Lodge offers a turnkey solution to marketing directors, media buyers, and strategic planners.”

Investment in digital content rose to unprecedented levels in 2016, as, for the first time, digital ad revenue ($72.5 billion) surpassed TV ad revenue ($71.3 billion) domestically.[2] This marked a 22 percent surge in digital ad revenue, and although it marks eight consecutive record-breaking years, it’s the first time mobile has overtaken desktop spending, and the first time digital as a whole has surpassed television advertising spending.

Additionally, according to the same IAB report, digital video hit a record $9.1 billion in 2016 (a 53 percent year-over-year increase). On mobile, video revenue jumped to $4.2 billion (a 145 percent YoY increase). Desktop video is the only segment seeing growth on desktop, increasing 16 percent to $4.9 billion from 2015. In 2018, mobile video ad spending is expected to grow to nearly $18 billion.[3]

“This is what consumers demand, so brands must adapt and evolve,” says Siegel. Digital video is central in the consumer entertainment and commerce experience: 92 percent of potential prospects consume online video; 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day; 1/3 of shoppers purchase products after viewing video ads; 52 percent of people say watching a video makes them more confident in online purchases, and online video is nearly 60 percent of all internet traffic.

“Media Lodge’s data-driven approach to content creation and distribution allows delivery to millions of targeted views across video and interactive content while providing detailed metrics that provide consistent delivery of more viewers than many cable networks,” says Siegel. Original shows such as Petco and Brett Favre’s 4Outdoors Present: Dogs2DogTags, The Good Fight, American Nomads, Finding Fearless, Ruger’s American New Shooter Academy, Ruger Range Drills, New Gear and Guns, Influencer interview Series, and Realtree’s Not Seen on TV Fishing Show are leading the charge.

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Media Lodge has assembled a unique set of assets to engage with over 40 million outdoor enthusiasts per month in authentic and powerful ways. In addition to fishing, camping, hunting, boating, and power sports, Media Lodge has built a powerful media platform that helps brands engage with enthusiasts across the best websites and exclusive, leading e-commerce engines. Additionally, Media Lodge has invested heavily to ensure partners understand their customers, research their competitors, and realize manufacturing efficiencies. For more information, please visit

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