Taurus 1911 Commander .45 ACP Review: A Reliable, Good-Looking & Affordable Pistol

Taurus 1911 Commander chambered in .45 ACP, A powerful gun with minimal recoil

“If it were to rain soup, the poor would only have forks”. This is an old Brazilian proverb that so many of us can identify with. Well, within our own definition of “poor” that is. For this contemporaneous moment in time “poor” shall be defined as, “scarcity of firearm funds”. You step outside while it’s raining firearms. Everyone around you seems to be gathering them in droves, except for you. The harrowing reality is your desire for one more gun will remain an insatiable need. Although this sounds melodramatic it’s a hard-hitting reality. Not all of us have the deep pockets to obtain the firearms we want.


Taurus has a real-world grasp on this concept. They understand that firearms are a true necessity for everyone. Each individual should have the capability to protect and defend themselves, families and their homes. This includes the large population of people who simply don’t have the means to spend an exorbitant amount of money to meet those needs. Taurus brings to the table reliable and good-looking firearms that won’t break the bank, along with a lifetime warranty on each and every firearm they sell. Make no mistake, Taurus is not by any means a bargain basement gun. It is a reasonably priced option for those with less than an unlimited budget. Enter, the Taurus 1911 Commander.

Each individual should have the capability to protect and defend themselves, families and their homes.

taurus 1911 commander review karen hunter
Chambered in 45 ACP with very little recoil makes the Commander a pleasure to shoot.

I first had the opportunity to run the Commander in Florida earlier this year at a Taurus writers event. Taurus gave us a full day on the range with several shooting stations. The 1911 Commander was stationed at the steel target stage. Immediately I noticed the design. This gun is sleek and sharp. There is just something about that monochromatic black on black boasting the Taurus emblem that alludes to a sense of strength. Full-size grips with traditional checkered pattering really add a sharp dapper quality in the appearance. Taking it in hand the grip was comfortable and I was able to get a good purchase on the gun. The 1911 Commander is chambered in 45 ACP. It is a powerful gun yet the felt recoil is minimal. As we moved on from station to station, I noticed that when we made our second and third rounds most people gravitated towards the Commander to have another opportunity to fire it.

There is just something about the monochromatic black on black boasting the Taurus emblem that alludes to a sense of strength.

1911 commander
The Commander comes with two eight-round blacked out magazines.


Needless to say, I was quite excited to have the opportunity to spend some more in-depth one on one time with the 1911 Commander. The ability to take it to the range to run some T&E and really become acclimated to the gun was a great opportunity. The ammo flavor of the day was Hornady American Gunner 45 ACP. The Commander’s magazine not only looks sharp in keeping the monochromatic black on black color scheme, but it also felt good in my hand. The magazine release on this gun is noteworthy as well as how smoothly the magazine is able to seat. Loading the Hornady ammo was literally a breeze. Even to the very last round, which typically is a bear to get in. I was able to load this magazine quicker than I have most. It also is an 8-rounder — traditionalist my not like it but one more is — one more, however, that one more may make all the difference in a life-threatening situation.

1911 commander
The three-hole ventilated trigger and checkering on the magazine release not only looked nice but added to the ease of use.

My time on the range with the Commander was very enjoyable. The Novak sights allowed quick sight acquisition and the ability to stay on target. Firing definitely gave me the feeling of running a powerful gun, yet the recoil with the Commander is minimal and manageable. The gun boasts a lightened ventilated trigger with minimal over travel, breaking at just under five pounds. Overall the Commander ran well and I was able to sustain good and consistent groups.

1911 commander
The Novak drift adjustable sights allow quick sight acquisition enabling fast accurate hits on target.
1911 Commander

The 1911 Commander has a shorter profile than traditional 1911’s yet maintains the full-size grip. This is actually a very nice feature that I’m really enjoying for concealed carry. With the barrel measuring 4.2″ the Commander has the ability to be utilized as a personal home defense gun, a concealed carry gun or both. Being built with industry-standard components makes the Commander easily customizable to suit any needs or personal preferences you may have.


1911 commander
The larger thumb safety and extended beavertail with “speed bum” made the Commander easy to shoot with almost any grip on the gun.

With an MSRP of just over $600.00, the 1911 Commander is an excellent option if you’re looking to get into a sharp looking, reliable pistol. As stated earlier Taurus offers a lifetime warranty on each gun they sell and were the first in the firearms industry to make such a bold statement. This gives their consumers peace of mind and also shows how Taurus not only cares for their consumers but also takes great pride in their product. Currently, with each firearm, they sell they are including a one-year membership to the NRA. Pride in craftsmanship and supporting our Second Amendment interests. It doesn’t get much better than that folks. If you get a chance, check out the 1911 Commander.


  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Caliber: 45 ACP
  • Grips: Checkered Black
  • Capacity: 2 8-round magazines included
  • Weight: 38 oz
  • Height: 5.8″
  • Width: 1.25″
  • Length: 7.9″
  • Action: SA
  • Front Sight: Novak Drift Adjustable
  • Rear Sight: Novak Drift Adjustable
  • MSRP: $609.00

For more information, visit: www.taurususa.com

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1911 commander
Shorter barrel, full sized grip and more round capacity makes the Commander a good fit for concealed carry or personal home defense.

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