Taurus G3XL Gun Sootch00 Review

Taurus introduced their G3 series, it was a turning point for Taurus. Over the past few years, they have really upped their game. One of the big things about Taurus is it’s always been a very budget friendly firearm, which is nice, especially if you need something for self defense and you don’t want to break the bank. But with the G3, they really turned a corner. The quality of the G3 is exceptional. A lot of that has to do with a lot of the parts and assemblies being made right here in the US. But Taurus overall has really taken a big step forward.

Now with the G3 the full size, they also make the compact, then they came out with the G3X with a full size grip, but then the shorter slide, similar to the concept of the Glock G19x. But now they’ve introduced the G3XL which has a full length slide with the shortened grip of the G3C compact. So we’re going to do a full review of the G3XL, but we’re taking all four models out to the range, and we’re going to test them side-by-side. We really appreciate Taurus for sending the G3XL for this review, and also the previous Taurus’, so we can really compare them and give you guys a really good look at the G3 series.

A lot of people have been asking for this kind of configuration with the longer slide and the shorter grip. One of the big things about concealed carry is your grip is the hardest to conceal, and so having a shorter grip and then having the advantages of a longer sight radius, having about an inch longer in the barrel compared to the earlier G3, it just gives you some advantages in different ways. To be honest, this longer slide, it’s not the part that you have to hide when you’re concealing. It is longer and for appendix carry, it may get in the way a little bit, but that’s one of the thoughts behind this type configuration.

Just recently Taurus introduced their G3X. It has the longer grip with the shorter slide, so it gives you just a totally different configuration. Now one of the things about this is you have more leverage with the longer grip, you have less slide mass at the top, and so it’s definitely going to give you a different shooting dynamic. To be honest with you, it’s a softer shooting gun. But one of the things we found taking out the G3XL is that the pointability, the burning off of more of your powder, and the better velocity really makes this an excellent shooting gun as well. They shoot differently, so really taking these two out to decide which one’s best for you is going to be the deal because we really enjoyed shooting both of these for different reasons.

Thanks to Taurus USA for sending the G3XL for this review. Big thanks to Fiocchi USA for Supplying our ammunition!

We also appreciate Robbie Wheaton from Wheaton Arms for his help.


  • Capacity: 12 Rounds
  • Action Type: Single Action with Restrike
  • Firing System: Striker
  • Front Sight: Fixed Front (white dot)
  • Rear Sight: Drift Adjustable Serrated
  • Frame Size: Compact
  • Barrel Length: 4″
  • Overall Length: 7.28″
  • Overall Height: 5.1″
  • Overall Width: 1.2″
  • Weight: 24.4oz
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger

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