Ted Nugent: Bringing Balance to the Land Through Hunting, Fishing & Trapping

Ted Nugent isn’t one to hold back when it comes to his passion for the outdoor lifestyle of hunting, fishing and trapping.

Here’s a great, but short, video from Ted’s Spirit of the Wild TV show on the Outdoor Channel.

“My God! Look at the spectacle of winter,” says Ted, as he walks through a winter wonderland where all the trees and brush are covered in snow. He takes a few minutes to talk about how hunters bring balance that the surplus to the land will not support, come winter.

His heartfelt advice to people: “There will be biodiversity come spring time because we hunt, fish and trap. If you don’t hunt, fish and trap, you should, you’d LOVE it, and you’d bring balance to the land like the rest of us.”

As he continues walking through the snow covered ground, he states “I’m stoned on nature, drunk on freedom!” as he realizes he doesn’t know where he is at that moment, but clearly doesn’t mind getting a little lost in nature’s beauty.

Hear what else he has to say in the video below.

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[h/t Ted Nugent]

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