Texan Hits a Bull’s Eye over 2 Miles Away with World Record Shot

The long-distance warriors at the FTW Ranch have broken the long-distance record again, this time with a distance of 4210 yards, that 2.4 miles! The used a .375 CheyTac precision rifle by Hill Country Rifles to make the world record shot.

It took more than a few rounds to hit the bull’s eye, but that’s to be expected when you’re reaching out this far. A lot can happen when it takes more than 10 seconds to go from muzzle to target.

So let’s talk about the 4200 yard shot and what brought the team to the point of a world record shot.

Jim Spinella met the guys back in 1996 when they first opened up and they started accurizing some of Jim’s guns. From there they started building guns for Jim – a lot of guns. Jim stated, “I think this is really a project that’s, that’s 20 years in the making. It’s really born out of friendship. We started out as a customer relationship and it’s developed into a lot more with everybody at this table.”

Everything has been customer driven oriented toward utilizing the range facilities that are here. “We have this great setup, right? We have Jim, we have FTW, and then we’re in the gun building business, so we can bring all those three ingredients together. And it’s just meant, you know, meant to do.” Says Matt Bettersworth of Hill Country Rifle.

When Jim and Doug first shot at 3600 yards, they felt that they had a lot of consistency, and confidence in making the shot. When they took the distance out to 3800 yards, they felt the same thing. “Most of our shots within two minutes. We had a lot of consistency with a gun. And we were really pressing the envelope, way beyond what the contrary was designed to do. And I think what we really learned this time is we went way past that. And even though we hit it 4200 yards, you know, we’re starting to see the bullet really really fall off. You know it’s not about repeatability. We did it. We had fun doing it. And we did it as friends. And for me that was, that’s what made the entire weekend,” said Spinella about his experience.

To put this shot into perspective, this is like hitting the size of a pencil head at 100 yards as a comparison. With a 36-inch target and a 2.4 mile shot, Jim Spinella takes home the victory with a world record shot after a long day.

hcr carry weight 375 cheytac

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