10 Hunting Gear Items to Pack On Your Next Hunting Trip

Hunting season has already started, but it’s not too late to get the gear you need to bring home the big game. Check out the top 10 hunting gear items to pack on your next hunting trip.

1. Game Camera Viewer

camera viewer

Having a trail camera isn’t enough, you’ll need to see what it has captured quickly to plan and pick your prime hunting spot. Don’t lug a laptop around with you to camp, you’ve probably got a computer in your pocket already. Use a trail camera view to plug your memory card directly into your Android phone and immediately see what’s waiting for you in the wild. View, save, edit, and share your trail shots immediately.

2. Climber Tree Stand

Climbing Stand

You just can’t beat a climber tree stand. They’re light weight, portable, simple to use, and surprisingly comfortable. Take one with you to a new spot or find a new position in your old haunts. Unlike fixed stands, the climber lets you control your height, essentially providing a custom hunting experience anywhere you want. A stand like this will support even big hunters weighing up to 300 lbs.

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3. Safety Harness

safety harness

The biggest cause of injury during hunting season isn’t from firearms, nor is it from encounters with a wild animals. Falling from a tree stand is the greatest cause of injury and fatality for hunters across the country. Don’t be another statistic, play it safe if you’re going up a tree. Harnesses like this are light weight, padded for comfort, and can be fitted easily to almost any hunter.

4. Rangefinder


This is a must have, especially for bow hunters. You should try to make every shot a clean kill. It shows proper respect for the game and makes the hunter’s life easier. The best way to ensure a well placed shot is knowing the actual distance without guessing. Rangefinders are compact, simple to use, and they won’t cost and arm and a leg either.

5. Field Dressing Kit

field dressing kit

Don’t take too long with those trophy shots, especially during early season hunts. If you want a delicious meal later, you’ll want to get the meat cool as quickly as possible now. Nothing will make that easier than having all of you field dressing utilities ready when you need them. All in one kits like this one are a must have for any hunt.

6. Binoculars


Binoculars are a must have for any serious hunter. Rifle optics are not an acceptable substitute. Binoculars are the safe and proper way to identify a target quickly in the field.

7. Day Pack with Hydration System

day pack

A lightweight day pack can make all the difference, especially if you’re hiking a good distance away from base camp. You’ll need something small to carry your basic essentials, and you’ll need to stay hydrated. Packs like this feature a hydration system capable of accommodating water bags that are less bulky and quieter than aluminum or plastic bottles.

8. Handheld GPS 


Nothing is worse than getting lost in the wild. It’s not just embarrassing, it’s dangerous. Don’t get left out in the cold, bring along a waterpoof GPS unit. Plan ahead and download a topo map directly to your hand unit, even if you lose a signal you’ll still have a basic map to help get you back to civilization.

9. Headlamp


Unless you’re planning to bed down at sunset, a headlamp is an absolute necessity for any outdoor excursion. They’re lighter than ever before and with LEDs they last longer too.

10. Trail Camera

Trail camera

Don’t waste all day in a stand that the game is avoiding. Know before you go. Get there a day early and plant a few cameras in some prime zones and review your trails before you set up shop. Trail cameras are cheap, simple, and essential for any serious hunter.

Join in the conversation with the GetZone.com hunting community. What are your top 10 hunting gear you’d choose for your hunting trip?

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