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Sootch00 Heads to the Range to Test the Successful TP9SF Series. Watch Video of his Canik TP9SF Review. The Canik TP9SF series has been very successful, and now with the METE SFT & SFX, there are even more upgrades to make this a world-class pistol, yet for a reasonable price. The added accessories are over the top.

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Canik TP9SF Review

The Canik TP9SF series is 9mm striker-fired pistol that has successfully passed 60,000 round torture tests without any failures while maintaining NATO accuracy standards. With superior durability, reliability, and unparalleled triggers, the TP9SF pistols represent an ideal option for competition and self-defense-minded users.

The finish on these pistols is ultra-durable Nitride finish on Black Models and Cerakote-over-Nitride on the colored models. These pistols have aggressive front and rear slide serrations for positive-traction handling.

Canik Mete SFT and Canik Mete SFX

The Canik Mete SFT and the Canik Mete SFX are standard full-sized pistols. Both pistols have an integrally flared mag-well that allows for fluid reloads and extra support for the grip. The new aggressive texturing to include the front of the grip allows for increased stability. The double undercut trigger guard secures the support hand on the firearm. The low profile slide stop lever and angled rear sight edge increase functionality in many situations; This pistol has a co-witnessing optics-ready slide cut now accepting everything from a Trijicon RMRcc to a micro-optic. This allows for a constant and reliable sight picture. The site is retained in the back, so you still maintain your rear site when taking the plate off.

Most Significant Difference Between These Two Canik TP9SF pistols

When doing a Canik TP9SF Review and comparing the two pistols in the Canik TP9SF series, the most significant difference is the slide and the barrel length. The SFT has lightning cuts on the slide, and the barrel does not have a port. It is essentially the same pistol. With the Mete SFT, the more extended slide allows for longer slide mass. With the longer barrel, you have more velocity and have a longer site radius. This is a great advantage for competitive shooters.

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Lastly, when shooting this gun at the range, we found these pistols shoot very well. They are well designed, and the undercut on the trigger guard helps with your natural point of aim. The sites and grips on both the Canik Mete SFT and the Canik Mete SFX are excellent.

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Canik TP9SF Review: Canik Mete SFT & Mete SFX Sootch00 review

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