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The Mini Bog: Stribog SP9A3S Pistol Sootch00 Review

Grand Power is based out of Slovakia and they produce a really fine line of handguns that are in fact very popular in competitive circuits. One of the big pluses for the Grand Power pistols is that they have the rotating barrel design, which makes very flat shooting, and they’re really high quality firearms. When the Slovakian military needed a small little machine gun, Grand Power came out with the Stribog—first with the SP9A1 and there have been a number of iterations from that time, but the SP9A3 was introduced with a roller-delayed blowback action, which made it even softer shooting.

Today we’re looking at the SP9A3S, which means short—and it is a much shorter. In fact, this is a five inch barrel compared to the standard Stribog which has an eight inch barrel. One thing that Grand Power has also had some issues with are their magazines. With the straight walled magazines and even reinforced, there were some issues. But with these new curved magazines, we’ve done a number of tests with these. In fact, we’ve shot a couple of 1000 round test without any malfunctions. So we’re going to take a look today at what I like to call my “mini bog,” it’s a very small package. Now Grand Power sent the Stribog SP9A3S for this review. These are just being imported into the US, so this is a brand new offering from Grand Power. We also want to thank Gun Zone Deals because they are great and they’re the ones that actually introduced us to the Stribog.

Here we have the SP9A3S and the bigger brother the SP9A3. They’re very similar, almost identical in a lot of the parts and in a lot of the ways they’re set up. The S-model is just smaller with a five inch barrel compared to an eight inch barrel. One of the things about the SP9A3S and the SP9A3 is that they are roller-delayed which means that when a round is fired, there is some delay before the bolt comes back. This means some of the spin energy is gone and it just allows for softer shooting.

Again, we shot 1000 round test with these curved magazines without any issues and then again with range day, we shot through it with no malfunctions at all. Overall it’s a really small package, it’s a lot of fun at the range, and yet if you need to get a lot of rounds downrange, you can do that as well. The aperture sights worked really well but when you’re shooting at a target, that front post is pretty large, but you can change these out for metal sights which makes it nice. Really one of the best things to do is throw a small little red on here and your on.

I think with the SP9A3, this is definitely one of the best out there, and then with the SP9A3S you’re just getting a smaller firearm. ‘ve been a big fan of the Grand Power Stribog from the beginning, even the SP9A1, it was just a great little shooting gun. When they went to the Gen 2, making this a non-reciprocating bolt, it definitely helped because I did get my hand caught on there a couple of times. With the SP9A3, the roller-delayed blowback action, just makes it softer shooting and easier to get back on target, and it just keeps the muzzle more flat. With the five inch barrel on the mini, it just makes it more of a compact package.

Thanks for Grand Power for Sending the SP9A3s for the Sootch Compound, also to Gun Zone Deals for introducing us to the Stribog.


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