The New Hellcat Pro from Springfield Armory

The biggest thing for preparing people for probably the worst day of their life is they have to have that confidence, because seconds are all you have to deal with. In the past, self defense might have been viewed differently than it is now. The reality of threats is that they can happen at anytime—especially when you are at your most vulnerable. The bad guy gets to choose the time and the place, so you’re really playing from behind.

The Hellcat was by far the most successful micro compact pistol Springfield Armory has ever produced. The version that we’re most excited about is the new Hellcat Pro. Springfield Armory lengthened the frame of the Hellcat just enough so now you can get your whole hand on the gun. It really feels like you’re holding a tactical pistol, but it is still a compact pistol. Having that full-size grip on the Hellcat Pro really helps you to control that recoil.

Another thing, the grip was now made just long enough to take a 15 round magazine. One thing that wins a gunfight is round capacity. Nobody will ever tell you that they wished they had less rounds in the gun. Having a 15 round plus one capacity gets you through your average five plus.

Springfield took the 3 inch barrel of the original Hellcat and moved it out to 3.7 and now you get less recoil, you get less muzzle flip, because there’s a little bit more slide sticking out in the front. Many people have to be able to put different instruments on this tool as in an attack light, if it’s a low light condition. With that extra real estate, now it’s long enough to be much more compatible with flashlights and lasers.

Plus now there isn’t a trade off—you’re not sacrificing concealability to have those performance items. Concealment is definitely the name of the game. It gives us the tactical advantage.

The Hellcat Pro is 6.6 inches long, it’s 4.8 inches tall, it has a 15 round magazine with a 3.7 inch barrel, and just like the original Hellcat, it’s one inch wide. That matters because when you carry appendix carry, it’s flushed against your body and is not bulking around. So everything that you love on the Hellcat is present in the Hellcat Pro. They both have Springfield’s adaptive grip texturing, you have slide serrations both front and rear that you can grip onto, they have the same sites, and of course a Hellcat Pro will come optics ready.

The Hellcat Pro is really going to help shooters reach another level of performance. So now you can create a package with a 3.7 inch barrel with a 15 round magazine that’s as thin as a single stack 1911—that is easy to shoot, accurate to shoot, and the reliability is unquestioned.

hellcat pro

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