The SilencerCo SWR Radius Rangefinder Changes Everything – 2 Things Every Hunter Should Know

A light, gun-mounted rangefinder that will zero with your scope, range out to a mile, and continuously range for up to 12 hours completely changes the game for rifle hunting. At $999 and only 17 ounces, the SilencerCo SWR Radius Rangefinder pushes the boundaries of modern gun technology.

Here are two reasons rifle hunters should be using the Radius:


What if you could be more certain every time you pulled the trigger? What if you were a bit more comfortable taking a longer shot…would it make you a better hunter? When you are given the opportunity to make a shot on a trophy animal, or even small game, you don’t always have time to glass, range, and raise your scope. Often, that once-in-a-lifetime elk shows itself in a different location and you have to quickly adjust, or a coyote closes the distance weaving in and out of cover from 270 to 200 yards. Being able to know your distance and shoot with confidence can mean the difference between an ethical harvest and something much less desirable.

No one wants to miss, let alone make a non-fatal shot. A mounted rangefinder that is zeroed with the scope creates both confidence and opportunity for hunters. From whitetail hunting to prairie dogs and western big game, the Radius empowers a hunter to make a more qualified shot when the moment counts.


Can your rangefinder take the repeated recoil of a .338 Lapua? One of the reasons mounted rangefinders are more difficult to build is because they have to perform to a higher standard of durability. The Radius also eliminates the need for handheld rangefinders which often get lost or broken and can be a distraction the hunter.

The Radius comes equipped with a quick detach system so hunters and shooters can easily transfer it to a different host or remove the unit for transport. Additionally, this rangefinder was designed to operate in rain, cold (-20 degrees Fahrenheit), or the heat of summer (120 degrees Fahrenheit). What’s more? The closest competitor to the Radius is priced over $4,000.

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SilencerCo SWR Radius Rangefinder
SilencerCo SWR Radius Rangefinder1
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