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Jasmine Jessie Will Show You How to Load a Shotgun

March 3, 2016

A whole new generation of top shooters is coming from cowgirls. Jessica Harrison, aka Jasmine Jessie, is the first female shooter to achieve the rank of Grand Master in the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA).  When it comes to speed loading a shotgun, she is a master.

Her very effective and unique way of speed loading a shotgun consists of having two rounds pre-loaded in the chamber, two rounds in her right hand, and two in her left.  Her left hand is going to be loading two rounds from over the top and right hand loads are going to be the index load and the pinkie load.  

After you fire the first two rounds, you load the first round in from over the top and fire.  Then you load the second round from the top and fire that also. Then, from the bottom you first load the index load. After you shoot that round, you load the pinkie load and fire. Jasmine Jessie says it is as simple as that.

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