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Today we’re covering the topic of buying your first gun. For a lot of people, this can be a daunting task because they maybe don’t know what questions to ask or how to even start to look for a handgun. So if you’re a new gun owner, we have some tips and suggestions for you.

For myself, I liked something that was small and concealable so I went with a single stack Mossberg MC1 which is the same standard size as a lot of the other ones like the Luger LCP or even a Glock 43. They’re pretty standard for any holster, so it’s easy to find something that fits and fits comfortably in. For caliber choice, I went with a 9mm—it’s a pretty abundant round, really standard, a lot of companies make it, it’s really easy to come by, and the price is relatively cheap compared to other rounds and brands out there. Another reason I like the 9mm is that it’s got enough stopping power for in-home defense use, and you’re not really going to be thrown off by that recoil if you’re smaller individual—you’re going to have a lot more control over this gun when compared to a 45 round or even a 357.

If you’ve got larger hands, you may not prefer a single stack nine. For that, I’d recommend just having a double stack 45 like a Glock 30 here. That just means your 45 calibers are double stacked side-by-side, gives a gun a little bit of a bulkier handle and it’s going to have a little more recoil, but if you’re larger guy with bigger hands, you might not have that much of a problem controlling the gun.

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A lot of people would prefer the single stack pistol which is a little narrower and a little bit smaller for concealing, but also it can feel a little bit better in the hand because it’s light and it just fits hand size a little bit better. I actually prefer something a little bit larger and wider like the Glock 19, which is your full-size pistol. The Glock 19 is a double stack, which means that there are actually two rounds stacked side by side in the magazine. It’s not specifically the double stack that I prefer, but it’s the actual thickness of the handle. I like it a little bit thicker as I have bigger hands. It just feels really comfortable in my hands and it sits in my palm really well. Since this is your average size handgun, I actually prefer the weight of this Glock because the majority of it is built out of polymer and the top is all aluminum. Since this gun is only top heavy, it actually feels really good in my hand with that recoil.

Even though I do actively open carry and conceal the Glock 19, I prefer this specifically for concealing and the reason that is, is because the top is very minuscule, it doesn’t have much going on. So when it is in my hip or in my holster, it just comes out very smoothly and quickly and it’s not get caught up in anything.

As a first-time gun buyer, a lot of people might want a six-shooter revolver, but I wouldn’t prefer it because it doesn’t have a built in safety to it as it is actually the trigger and the lever itself. Another reason I wouldn’t prefer the six shooter Revolver is specifically for self-defense. It only carries actually six rounds at a time and if you’re not very comfortable with your shooting, I would recommend something that holds a little bit more ammunition like the Glock 19 that actually holds 15. Another reason I wouldn’t prefer a revolver as a first-time gun buyer is if you plan to open carry or conceal it, revolvers just have a lot of things to get caught up in your waistband, and they’re not as easy to come in and out of your waistband or your holster.

Final remarks on Buying Your First Gun

If you are a first-time gun buyer, you might want to look into everything that we’ve talked about. Specifically, the safety I think is the most important thing. A lot of these handguns don’t have a built in safety, like the six shooter revolver. Something like the Glock, the safety is actually the trigger itself so it doesn’t have a safety button like a hunting gun or a shotgun would, but it has a built-in safety mechanism so it’s actually like a double trigger. This is something that actually makes somebody that’s a beginner feel a little bit more comfortable with their gun.

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