Top 10 Most-Watched Pistol Videos of 2021

As the 2021 is now behind us, we look back at the videos that our viewers enjoyed the most. Here’s a look at the Top 10 Most-Watched Pistol Videos of 2021. From hot guns like the Springfield Armory Hellcat to EAA Girsan MC9 and Mossberg MC2c.

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Top 10 Pistol Videos of 2021 Rundown:

  • Springfield Armory Hellcat
  • Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP
  • Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P Shield Plus
  • Springfield Armory XD-S Mod.2
  • Mossberg MC2c
  • Springfield Armory Emissary
  • EAA Girsan MC9 Pistol 9mm
  • Charles Daly Field Grade 1911
  • New from Ruger: Lite Rack LCP II Chambered in .22 LR
  • Ideal Conceal IC380 Double Barreled .380 Pistol

top 10 pistols of 2021

Springfield Armory Hellcat

The 9mm Hellcat features a patented magazine with best in class capacity of 11+1 and 13+1 with included extended magazine. The Hellcat is designed specifically for everyday carry with Adaptive Grip Texture™ and high visibility sights. Also available in an optics-ready OSP™ configuration.

Jump to Springfield Armory Hellcat Video.

Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP

The Hellcat, the highest capacity micro 9mm in the world, is now offered in the Rapid Defense Package (RDP™) configuration. Paired with a HEX™ micro red dot and a Self-Indexing Compensator, the Hellcat RDP delivers fast target acquisition and rapid, accurate follow-up shots. Also new on the Hellcat RDP is an optional ambidextrous manual safety and the Gen 2 trigger with enhanced ergonomics. For instant target acquisition, the Hellcat RDP is outfitted with the all-new HEX™ Wasp™, a low profile, micro red dot that co-witnesses with the Hellcat’s U-Dot™ sights

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Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P Shield Plus

Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P Shield Plus with 10 and 13 round magazine capacity with an improved trigger. Many options to choose from include Optics Ready with a Crimson Trace Micro Red Dot, Ported Slide and Barrel, and optional Frame Safety.

Jump to S&W Performance Center M&P Shield Plus Video.

Springfield Armory XD-S Mod.2

Springfield has made it easier than ever to carry a concealed pistol with a red dot. The XD-S Mod.2 OSP now has a factory milled slide that accepts the smallest, most popular micro red dots on the market. With magazine options of 7-rounds or 9-rounds, this firearm is the perfect EDC for your daily routine.

Jump to XD-S Mod.2 video.

Mossberg MC2c Pistol

Chambered in 9mm, the Mossberg MC2c comes with two double-stack magazines, a 13-round flush, and a 15-round extended. Each MC2c magazine features easy-to-remove floorplates, high-visibility followers, and is made of coated steel that offers low friction and superior wear-resistance.

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Springfield Armory Emissary

Built on a durable foundation of forged steel in its barrel, slide and frame, the Emissary offers a defensive pistol with an air of custom refinement. It bridges defensive and custom pistols delivering a bold and capable addition to the Springfield Armory family of 1911’s.

Jump to Emissary Pistol video or full gun review from Sootch00.

EAA Girsan MC9 Pistol 9mm – Sootch00 Review

The Girsan MC9 is a 9mm pistol that comes from the factory with the Micro Red Dot included. The MC9 is an upgrade of the MC28 and comes with an optic already mounted. There are a number of excellent features, and it comes in at a very reasonable price point – with very good quality!

Jump to the Girsan MC9 video.

Charles Daly Field Grade 1911 – Sootch00 Review

The Charles Daly Field Grade 1911 has been an American favorite for over one hundred ten years. Used by the US military from 1911 to 1985, and beyond, its popularity now is bigger than it’s ever been.

Jump to the Charles Daly 1911 video.

Ruger: Lite Rack LCP II Chambered in .22 LR

Ruger introduced the Lite Rack LCP II chambered in .22 LR in January 2020. This low-recoiling Lite Rack™ pistol has an easy-to-manipulate slide that shoots comfortably regardless of hand size or strength. Since its introduction in 2008, the LCP has set the industry standard for a lightweight, compact and reliable carry pistol.

Jump to Ruger Lite Rack LCP II video.

Ideal Conceal IC380 Double Barreled .380 Pistol – Sootch00 Review

The Ideal Conceal IC380 is a two-shot derringer that looks like a cell phone when closed but quickly opens up to reveal a self-defense option. It’s a different way to look at carrying a firearm for self-defense.

Jump to Ideal Conceal IC380 video.

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