Top 5 Gifts for Hunters

Today we’re going to bring you our top five Christmas ideas for the hunter in your life. As you all probably know, in this day and age, it’s almost impossible to figure out what to buy someone, especially if they’re into the outdoors or shooting. Typically, as a person that’s into hunting, what we do when we want something is to normally go ahead and buy it—especially since we’re already into hunting season. So these are just a few items at different budgets that could be good options to gift this season.

LED Headlamp

To start off, this is a new product which is something I actually bought a few months ago. This is called the Lightbar Pro, and it is an LED light strip headlamp. This is great if you’re doing prep work or even if you’re working on your car. It’s got multiple brightness settings of the normal white lights and then it has got a red setting, so if you’re walking to your blind, it’s going to help save your night sights. It’s kind of new, so maybe the person you’re trying to buy for hasn’t seen it or purchased it yet. This item is definitely something that they can get a lot of use from and would be a great present. 


I use multi-tools extensively. They’re compact and they’re easy to use, with a lot of functions for your everyday. Every person can always use a multi-tool, especially if they’re on the go and outdoors a lot.

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Merino Wool Socks 

Another gift that’s often overlooked are merino wool socks. As a man myself, I’m terrible about buying new socks and clothes until there are already holes in the bottom of everything. A good, high quality pair of socks—even if it’s just one or two pairs—is a great gift option. Good merino wool socks are going to run from $20 to $50 depending on the weight of them, but they last forever and trust me, whoever you get these for will be thanking you the first time they use them!


This one is old, but I have had my dehydrator forever. This one has probably dehydrated 15 or 20 deer for jerky over the past 10 years or so. This is something, especially with the way meat prices are today, that everybody’s looking to be a little bit more self-sufficient—and this is a great way that you can process a big chunk of your deer and have something that’ll last. You do not have to buy one that’s fancy or has a lot of controls. This is a great one, it’s around $50 to $100 bucks depending on the model and you can get as crazy as you want to! 

Cooler and Stainless Cup

Lastly, everyone needs a high quality cooler and a high quality stainless cup. Yeti is a great brand for cups, but there are many other brands out there you can go with. On average, a high quality cup runs around $30 to $40 or so. Then of course, the coolers are a little bit more of an expensive item but if you’re wanting to get a big gift, you can go with a bag cooler or a hard cooler which will most likely land around $150 to $300.

Bonus Idea

In the holiday spirit, I have a bonus idea! If you happen to be in the store looking and you know the caliber of ammunition that the person you’re buying for prefers, and you see a box of shells on the rack—go ahead and grab those! I guarantee you won’t disappoint if you can find some ammunition for that special loved one you’re trying to buy for this Christmas.

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