Umarex AirSaber Elite X2 Airgun – Check It Out BEFORE SHOT!

What’s Hot BEFORE SHOT? The Umarex AirSaber Elite X2 Airgun!

Introducing the NEW Umarex AirSaber Elite X2 to kick off 2022 and the Year of the Airgun Hunter!

Two barrels. Two arrows. Just the push of a button.
Powered by air, the AirSaber Elite X2 fires full-length arrows.
Fill its 14.6 cubic inch air cylinder to 4000 psi, push the button to select the arrow you wish to shoot, ready the rifle by pulling back on the easy-to-use side lever and… send it! Then just repeat! It’s quick and easy.
Replace the field tip with your favorite 100 grain mechanical broadhead and you’re ready for the hunt.

Send an arrow up to 450 feet per second at 169 foot pounds of energy. 

Get up to 25 target-hitting shots before having to refill.

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The NEW Umarex AirSaber Elite X2 is an all-new arrow shooting rifle for big game hunting with no strings attached. Driven by air and equipped with full-length arrows, it is the newest technologically intense arrow rifle with double-barrel shooting capabilities. It’s feature-packed for scoped performance with Umarex Technologies including Quick Valve Release™, High-Pressure Shaft Technology, Adapta Point arrow tips, and Straight Flight arrow technology. The combination of these Umarex Technologies ensures maximum impact and accuracy at over 450 feet per second and 169 fpe!

AirSaber Elite X2 Features & Specifications:
Double Barrel Repeater
Velocity with 376 gr arrow: 450 FPS / 169 ft-lbs
Power Source: PCP
Tank Max Fill: 4,000 psi
Capacity: 14.6 cu in / 240 cc
Up to 25 effective ethical shots
Umarex® Straight Flight Arrows (376 gr)
Push-button air tube “barrel” switching
Single-stage trigger, 3 lbs
Fast, smooth, lever action cocking
42.5-inch overall length
20-inch air tubes
21.5-inch shroud
8.7 lbs overall weight w/scope
Side lever cocking effort 8 lbs

Air Archery scope and 3 arrows included

MSRP $499.99

For more information, visit

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