USA Shooting Presented by 4Outdoors – Episode 6: Sarah Beard

USA Shooting Presented by 4Outdoors – Episode 6: Sarah Beard – Presented by Brazen Sports

In this episode of USA Shooting Presented by 4Outdoors, we meet Sarah Beard. Sarah describes what she’s done to pursue her dreams, her motivation, her mentor, her two teams and her path to the Olympics.

Shooting is so effort driven, it’s not as much based on talent, it’s how much effort you put into it. ” Sarah Beard.


“I joined the US Army and I now shoot for the US Army Team with the world-class athlete program. I decided to do that as part of a means of supporting myself to help me achieve my dreams. My dad was also a rifle shooter, he was on the 84′ Olympic team, and also shot for the Army. He took me to the range one day, and I’ve been stuck ever since.”

Having a shot process in every step laid out will really help in having a consistent result.

One of my favorite parts of shooting, and what shooting has grown into for me, is the ability to represent my country as an athlete, but also as a US Soldier serving my country. That means I have two teams: Team USA and all the soldiers that are on my team and that are supporting me in the World Class Athlete Program.

Shooting is an extremely expensive sport, especially once you get to a higher level. It’s a very, very expensive sport.

The path to the Olympics is a really long one, and to get a medal requires a lot more than just funding one or two years. The athlete has invested over 10 years in that process. funding from the very beginning and getting those athletes to those matches is crucial and any development towards a medal.

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This episode of USA Shooting is presented by Brazen Sports.



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About USA Shooting Series:

USA Shooting Presented by 4Outdoors series host Brett Favre spends time with USA Paralympic and Olympic shooters and learn about their journey to the top of their shooting sport. Each episode focuses on one USA Shooting team member. During each episode, Brett spends quality range time with each of the shooters getting some tips on how to be a better shooter in each of the disciplines they compete in.

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