Using GunGenius to Help You Improve Your GunBroker Listings

Can Video Be a Secret Weapon?

It’s no secret that people like videos. Think about how many videos appear in your Facebook feed, or how often you go check out a new video on YouTube or GetZone, or even how videos often appear in Google search results.

The same is true in product listings. Videos help sell products. Here are just a few examples:

  •, a home organization company selling closet organizers and other products, reported a 144% increase in likelihood to purchase.
  • Advance Auto Parts that instructional how-to videos led people to stay twice as long on their site and look at twice as many pages, and increased purchases.
  • E-commerce sites featuring video on product listing pages see average order value increase 68%, meaning people spend more per purchase, and experience a 79% higher conversion rate (meaning more purchasers overall) than product pages without videos.
  • Lastly, adding interactive video, meaning videos that users could manipulate and interact with to show 360 degree views, doubled purchases.


Meet, your new best friend is the only comprehensive firearm comparison site on the internet. With 15,000 products from over 65 gun manufacturers, featuring more than 50,000 photos and over 1,000 product videos, it’s very likely that guns you are selling are represented on the site. Beyond a huge list of products with images and videos, it also has a comprehensive list of specs, allowing you to compare multiple firearms at once for any given criteria.


Why is GunGenius useful to you and to your potential buyers?

  • 360 degree images with the ability to zoom in and see detail from all angles, like holding a gun in your hand
  • Specs and product research
  • Hollywood features
  • See all the major brands’ Twitter feeds in one spot
  • Comparisons
  • Top Trends

How to find these and how to embed them in your listings

The best approach is to go to and search for the product you plan to sell. Take a look at their high-res images and product videos. Then, copy the link from your browser and paste it into your listing. We recommend that you set the link to open up in a new browser window, so that people don’t completely leave your listing. If you aren’t satisfied with this approach, you can always go to YouTube and search for product videos.

Wrapping It Up

Creating more interactive content can mean a more engaging listing. If your listing is more interactive, it can mean more time spent on your listing, meaning a higher likelihood to place a bid. This, in conjunction with good seller feedback, good pricing, and good titles and descriptions can lead to higher purchases on

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