Using Real Time Data & Market Intelligence To Compete More Effectively

Learning Modern Day Business Strategies from an Ancient Chinese General

Using Analytics

  • Sun Tzu lived about 500 years BC and wrote a book called “The Art of War”.
  • In it, he taught some brilliant ideas about ways to win battles.
  • Those same lessons are still relevant in the business world.
  • Some of those lessons are shared here.

Capture Market Share Without Competing Directly


  • Find niche markets or under-served markets for your products
  • Position your products differently than your competitors
  • Offer bundled offers or something that makes your listing different
  • Offer great customer service

Avoid Competitor’s Strengths, Attack Their Weakness


  • Showcase product videos in your listings
  • Reference product reviews and customer testimonials
  • Emphasize what makes you unique and why people should buy from you.
  • Don’t only focus on price. This is the quickest way to lose money.

Use Data & Intelligence to Maximize Chances of Succeeding


  • Keep track of your sales on and through your point-of-sale.
  • Watch trends. Compare them to the overall market. This is a useful link to help you:
  • Review your financials regularly to ensure you are hitting your revenue goals.
  • Compare your prices and value vs. competitors.

Prepare with Insight, Act with Speed


  • Reducing time to make decisions, list products with compelling offers, and ship them to customers is critical.
  • Look for ways to make these run faster by creating a playbook or procedure that you always follow, or have some templates saved that you can quickly modify and reuse.

Analytics Help You Win the War Before You Go To Battle


  • Data helps you see opportunities.
  • Opportunities multiply as they are seized.
  • Data helps you see threats.
  • Threats diminish as you proactively work to overcome or avoid them.
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