[Video]: 12 New Pistols Introduced for 2018, From 1911s to Compacts

2018 New Gear and Guns: 12 New Pistols Introduced for 2018; From Sig Sauer, Ruger, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Magnum Research and more.

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Semi-Automatic Pistols: New Pistols, Pistols and more Pistols from the 2018 SHOT Show

1. Magnum Research: Desert Eagle .50 (TIG) – Watch full video here

2. Springfield Armory: 911 – Watch full video here

3. Ruger: Security 9 – Watch full video here

4: Smith & Wesson: MP 2.0 – Watch full video here

5. Glock: Gen5 34 MOS – Watch full video here

6. Sig Sauer: P365 – Watch full video here

7. Sig Sauer: M17 Military and Civilian – Watch full video here

8. Grand Power: Stribog Pistol  – Watch full video here

9. Eagle Imports Inc. Bersa TPR – Watch full video here

10. Luxury Firearms: FK BRNO 7.5 – Watch full video here

11. CZ USA: Dan Wesson Wraith

12. Volquartsen: Mk IV – Watch full video here

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