VIDEO: Marksman Hits an AMAZING 4,549 Yard Shot With HCR’s Rifle in 375 Cheytac

Hill Country Rifles records four hits at 4,549 yards with the 375 Cheytac rifle! Watch Video below to see how they did it!

On October 29th, 2016 the team from Hill Country Rifles set up to attempt their longest shot to date using HCR’s Extreme Long Range Tactical rifle in 375 Cheytac. The GPS coordinates put the shot distance at a remarkable 4549 yards.

HCR President, Dave Fuqua, developed a fantastic load that produced 3049 fps with only 3.6 fps standard deviation. The shooting was done at Tim Fallon’s FTW Ranch, home of the SAAM Precision Training Course, with shooter Jim Spinella.

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Expert wind and elevation calls by FTW’s Doug Prichard, Walt Hasser, and HCR’s own Justus Ballard combined to give Jim the information he needed to execute the shot.

The team recorded two hits Friday evening and two more hits Saturday morning. The target was an 8’X8′ white board with a 45″ red bullseye in the middle.

For more information on Hill Country Rifles and upcoming long range shots, visit them at

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