Video: 6-Year-Old Girl Harvests Buck and Turkey During Youth Hunt

Great story from MLive about a 6-year-old girl that shot a 7-point buck AND a turkey during Michigan’s youth hunt! Talk about lucky! Cory Olsen from MLive writes:

Jayana Johnson, 6, of Carson City woke up Monday morning to enjoy venison steak and eggs for breakfast after she bagged both a turkey and deer Saturday evening. Sunday dinner was turkey dumplings.

Weekend of Sep 17 and 18th marked Michigan’s Youth and Liberty hunts for ages 16 and under as well as disabled veterans, and Jayana was just one of many who were in the woods with parents, siblings and others guiding their hunts.

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6 yr old shoots turkey and deer

“We got to our blind Saturday evening about 5:15 p.m., at 5:45 she spotted a turkey and it came into shooting range at about 15 yards,” said Jayana’s dad, Aaron.

Having only prepared for deer hunting but still armed with a youth turkey license, Aaron quickly talked to Jayana about where to shoot at the turkey.

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Down it went.

“I shot a turkey!” Jayana said excitedly in a moment caught on video by her dad.

Two hours later, a 7-point buck came in with a 3-pointer and the pair worked their way in to about 25 yards.

Read the full story here.


Would YOU enroll your kids in youth hunting?


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