Deer Hunter Fatally Shot During Start of Hunting Season

Nicole Higman of Independent Journal Review brings us a sad story of the 3rd hunting fatality in NY this season.

Over the weekend, a group of five hunters went out to a field by a river in upstate New York to deer hunt, reports 13WHAM.

Lt. Joshua Verhague of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation explains the terrain in more detail to the news station:

“The layout of the incident location was a cut soybean field right along the Genesee River. It’s pretty open and goes a ways down.”

In fact, hunting is “encouraged” in the area. Sadly, it didn’t stop tragedy from occurring.

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While in a wooded area, one of the hunters shot a fellow hunter in the stomach. She was rushed to the hospital, but pronounced dead upon arrival.


“Often we see hunters not knowing their target or their target environment and miss proper handling their firearms,” says Lt. Joshua Verhague.

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-8-37-16-am Image Source: Independent Journal Review

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screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-8-36-38-am Image Source: Independent Journal Review

Be safe out there, fellow hunters!

Read full story here.

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