Video: Loading and Unloading Shotguns with Chris Cheng

Top Shot Champion Chris Cheng is an expert when it comes to using firearms. Here he demonstrates how to load and unload shotguns. Firearm instructors and experienced shooters are encouraged to watch and share these tips with newcomers to the shooting sports.

First, for a break action shotgun, point your shotgun in a safe direction. Turn your safety on and make sure that your finger is not on the trigger. Then, load one round into the top and one round into the bottom. Close your shotgun and turn your safety off.  After firing, take your finger off the trigger and swing the lever on your break action shotgun to the side and break open the gun to eject the shells.

Pump action shotguns have a few ways to load it. In this demonstration you are going to learn how to load it with an open chamber. Again, point your shotgun in a safe direction and turn your safety on. While holding your finger off the trigger, drop one bullet into the open chamber and then close the chamber. After you close the chamber, you can load another bullet in from the bottom by sliding it up and over until you hear the click. After firing, you pull back the rack to unload the bullet. Remember that there is still another round in the gun that will become live once you re rack the gun again. To unload that round without firing, there is usually a little lever that when pulled back allows for the unloading of non fired rounds.  Then after you unload, do both a visual and tactical check to make sure that no rounds are still in the gun.

Semi-Automatic Shotguns have a similar loading process to the pump action shotgun.  The only difference comes with unloading the rounds within the shotgun. To unload a live round, you have to pull back on the chamber lever to open it up and drop the bullet out. 

“Remember, firearms safety depends on you” – Chris Cheng

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