VIDEO: When Scientists Go Mad: 15 Bizarre Hybrid Animals

Elite Facts YouTube Channel published a cool but odd video on 15 Bizarre Hybrid Animals…and yes, they actually exist! All because some scientists decided to tinker with nature.

1. The Tigon is very rare and is when a male tiger and lioness mate. They can grow just as large, if not bigger than, the parent species but not as big as the previously mentioned Ligers. Both ligers and tigons are capable of producing their own offspring, leading to confusingly-named hybrids such as ti tigons and ligers.

2. Narwhals and Belugas are funny looking animals on their own, so to combine them is to create a really funny animals. The Narluga can be naturally created but extremely rare. There are more sightings appearing which many believe to be a product of global warming and the two species coming into contact more

3. Another lion mix is this male leopard and lioness coming together and creating the Leopon. This wouldn’t occur in the wild as the two don’t cross paths naturally. Leopons appear to have the head and mane of a lion, and the body of a leopard.

4. A Jaglion is an extremely cool and badass looking animal in all its glory and are very rare. The mating of a male lion and lioness is how they have come about. There has never been any sighted in the wild and these are the only ones known to exist.

Watch the video to see all these eye popping, WTF animal hybrids!

tiger strange hybrid animalsstrange hybrid animals15 Amazing Hybrid Animals

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