Video: Massive Herd of Wild Hogs Trample Through Forest

Tight Lines and Big Tines posted an incredible (and scary!) video of a HUGE herd of wild hogs, of all shapes and sizes, trampling through a forest floor!

We’re not sure what location this is but we hope they aren’t any farms nearby as you can imagine the land damage these pigs do. Agricultural lands especially receive some pretty horrific damage from large herds of hogs like this.

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Wild hogs are a significant invasive species environmental concern in a growing number of states in the country, but primarily in the southern states. But they’re moving northwards, even into the upper Midwest. Wisconsin, for example, has a shoot on sight, no season, no limits rule for culling any invasive wild hogs that you might find in the state.

Some great Facebook comments on this video are:

  • This is why we need full-auto when hunting!
  • It’s a shame that he didn’t have an AR15 instead of a video camera!
  • Get a gun and have breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack!
  • A thirty-round clip might be a little short…

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