Ruger Fundamentals of Firearms Ownership – Range Etiquette

November 16, 2020

An important rule of range etiquette is “keep your muzzle pointed down range at all times” – a rule that can be forgotten at a shooting range. Mark Gurney takes us through the most common lapses in etiquette he sees at gun ranges, and gives us alternative actions to keep the shooter and those around them as safe as possible at all times.

In the new “Fundamentals of Firearms Ownership” series from Ruger, Mark Gurney takes new gun owners through the most important things to remember when handling a firearm. From safety rules and equipment, to range etiquette, to how to store your firearms, this series will give any new gun owner the tools to confidently and securely use their new purchase.

Watch each episode:

IntroductionSafety Rules | Range EtiquetteRange Safety EquipmentSafe Storage

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