Savage 110 Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor: Range Test & Gun Review

Let’s talk about the New Savage 110 Precision Rifle

We’ve been waiting a while to get our hands on this firearm and we are super excited to get to try it out, look it over, and show you some of the great features that the Savage 110 Precision rifle has.

So this particular rifle is chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, which is a great cartridge. It’s super-accurate, very easy to dial in and it’s a great long-range option. One of the biggest perks to it is its growth in popularity over recent years. Now you can find these at almost any ammunition dealer or any sporting good stores, so ammo is always readily available. And you have a lot of options so that you can find what is best for your particular firearm.

The Savage 110 Precision is mounted on a modular chasse designed by the guys at  MDT. It’s very sturdy and made of aluminum. You’ve got an adjustable comb high here so you can get your cheek exactly where you want it. So you can get the alignment for the best eye relief in your optic. You can pull these blocks out here so that you can fine-tune your length of pull, get everything perfect since everybody’s different.  If you’re trying to be super precise, everybody’s firearms are going to be a little bit different. It’s got a very comfortable pistol grip, it’s a little more broad, so great for a guy like me with bigger hands, it makes it a lot more comfortable when you settle in on your rifle. You’re going to have a smoother trigger pull.


Speaking of the trigger, the trigger is an AccuTrigger. I really like this trigger, I’ve shot it on some different firearms, but not on this particular platform yet. Basically you got a little bit of slack with the center lever and that’s going to give you a more comfortable trigger pull.  It’s best for me because I don’t like a long trigger pull but it’s nice especially if you have a very light poundage trigger, to know when you’re actually starting to follow through with the squeeze. So very very comfortable to shoot, and I can’t wait to try it on this particular gun.

The Savage 110 Precision rifle has a detachable magazine which is very nice. If you go to the range a lot, you know you get tired of feeding your internal magazines on some of the older more traditional style rifles. It’s really nice because you can get some spare magazines for it and if you’re doing a lot of shooting all you have to do is change your mag and you’re ready to send some more downrange. it’s got a little bit of an enhanced knob here on your bolt, very comfortable especially if it’s colder weather and you’re wearing gloves anything like that. it’s nice to be able to keep the focus on your target through the optic, reach open to get a hold of that without any issue.

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On this modular chassis, the barrel is completely floated, it has no contact which is great for accuracy as well as heat dissipation. On a day like today over 100 degrees here in Texas, is going to come in handy. It does have a fluted barrel here it’s also going to help with the same thing and it looks nice. Nobody wants an ugly gun so this is an awesome looking gun overall. I forgot to mention, it does have a compensator on the end to reduce recoil.

We’re going to get a scope mounted on this Savage 110 Precision rifle, head out to the range and see how this gun performs in real-world conditions.

Range Time


Now we’re on the Range with the Savage 110 Precision Rifle. We’ve got our scope mounted, and it’s bore-sighted so it’s pretty close, and a target set up downrange. It’s a very, very hot day in Texas if you can’t tell by the sweat dripping off my nose. That’s going to be a big factor today in terms of keeping this barrel cool, you got the chassis that allows the barrel to be fully floating so the air can really circulate through it, as well as a fluted barrel that will help it dissipate heat a little bit more quickly. 

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Before we send a couple of rounds through this thing, you want to make sure that you’ve got your hearing protection on. The compensator and muzzle brakes that come on rifles today are very loud and it can cause permanent hearing damage. Let’s send a couple of rounds downrange and see how the Savage 110 Precision rifle shoots.

To learn more about the awesome features of the Savage 110 Precision Rifle, Watch the Video with Eric Lewis above.

For more information on purchasing the Savage 110 Precision, visit their website at

Author: Eric Lewis, Contributor. Read his bio here.

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