Sootch00 Survival: 5 Essential Guns for When SHTF

July 24, 2019

Taking a look at the 5 guns you may need in an SHTF Situation and the various reasons for each type of firearm for survival.

Go-To Rifle: AR-15

The No. 1 go-to rifle for an SHTF situation is the AR-15. It is America’s favorite rifle and is perfect for SHTF situations. Part interchangeability, easy optic mount, and the fairly inexpensive ammunition are just some of the reasons why it is the perfect rifle.  The AK-47 is the most popular rifle in the entire world. It is very durable, even more durable than the AR-15. It is harder to mount an optic on the AK-47 then it is the AR-15. The range of the AR is also better than the AK, but both are proven firearms when it comes to dicey situations.

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Long-Range: .308

If you want to reach out and get some distance, .308 firearms are the way to go. They offer more firepower, more capability, and more range.  The James River Armory M-14, the FN-FAL, the HK-G3, the SCAR, and the AR-10 are some of the best .308 on the market. These firearms are considerably heavier than your AR-15 or AK-47, but offer you considerably more range.

For people who live in states that are very restrictive on semi-automatics, a good lever-action rifle is fast. They have a lot of different calibers with the traditional being the 30-30. These rifles are great for ranges of around 100-150 yards. You can buy lever actions with longer barrels to increase that range if that’s what you are looking for. 

Shotgun: 12 Gauge

The shotgun is great not only for SHTF situations but also for hunting and home defense. The shotgun is up close and personal. It is devastating at close range and can deal a lot of damage. They are great for squirrel, rabbit, and bird hunting. Obviously, the main limitation with a shotgun is the range, with the max being around 100 yards.

Handgun: Glock

The handgun is the perfect self-defense firearm. The good thing about having a handgun in an SHTF situation is that it is easy to conceal and no one will know you have it. Glocks very rarely have any issues and when they do, they are very easy to repair. 

Ultimate Rifle: 22 Rimfire

The 22 is extremely easy to carry, with some even being able to be broken down and kept in your pack.  They are a large variety of rifles. Marlin, Henry, and Savage all make a style of the 22 leaving it up to you to decide which one best works for you. The rifles are very easy to use and the ammo is extremely cheap. However, you would not want to depend only on the 22 as your SHTF rifle. It is not the best choice for self-defense, but it will get the job done if needed. Overall, I would definitely have a 22 for an SHTF situation, but it would not be my only firearm.

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