5 Essential Guns for When SHTF: Sootch00 Survival [Video]

We’re gonna take a look at five firearms that I recommend in a SHTF situation. There are different categories for firearms, whether it’s rifle, shotgun, rimfire, handgun, and a lot of stuff in between – and there are reasons for these categories. Each has its specific purposes, including advantages and disadvantages for survival. We’re going to briefly go over each one.

Of course, the first thing you’ll reach for in a SHTF situation is your go-to rifle, the AR-15. This is America’s favorite rifle and it’s one of the best-selling rifles in the country. The ammunition is fairly inexpensive, because of the 5.56 or .223, and there are a lot of different things you can do with these rifles.

Then there is the AK-47, which is the most popular rifle in the world, used all over the world in a number of different conflicts. This is a battle-proven, very durable firearm. There are a lot of accessories and a lot of things you can do with these as well, plus surplus ammunition is very inexpensive – especially the steel case. 

One of the things that’s different between the AR and the AK is durability. With the AR-15, which is still durable, it’s easier to mount an optic, it’s a little more accurate and the range is just a little better. I would say around 300 to 350 yards with your AK and with your AR-15 you can get out around 400 or 450, so it gives you a little more range. In fact, you can really get up to 1,000 yards, but it’s gonna be pretty difficult because of the light bullet. But these are both great options for medium-range firearms. 

If you really want to reach out and get some distance and have just more firepower and more capability, look to the M14 from James River Armory. There’s also the FN FAL, the HKG3 or the CETME is a pretty decent rifle. There are a number of .308s out there to choose from. 

One of the most modular would be the AR-10 and it is very versatile. There are a lot of things you can do with that, and they are very accurate as well so that just gives you more firepower. Now the big thing about that between the AR-10 and the AR-15 is weight. The AR-10 is considerably heavier than your standard AR-15 and it’s a little more bulkier but you get all the same controls, so an AR-10 is an excellent choice as a go-to rifle if you want to go a little heavier. 

The FN FAL is a world-renowned rifle but parts like extra magazines and the ammunition are going to be more expensive with .308. For those restricted to semi-automatics, a good lever action rifle is fast. There are a lot of different calibers, of course, the traditional 30 30. You can find that ammunition everywhere. There is also the .357 Magnum, it’s a Henry color case hardened. If you want a little more range you could get something a little longer but this would be excellent for around about 100 to 150 yards. And then if you want to get out there, there are calibers that will extend that range. 

One thing that’s become very popular are pistols in rifle style, just like the AR-15 pistol from Saint Edge. Looking at a strictly SHTF environment, I think that the 5.56 is a great option, but it can over-penetrate whereas an 8mm is going to have less penetration so if you’re in a high-density area possibly a pistol caliber carbine might be better. But as far as these go, this could definitely replace the standard AR-15 rifle, so you can still get a really good range out of this small package. So to me, I would rather go with a pistol like this in a sh!t hits the fan situation because I can hide this or be more discreet with it. Whereas with the full-size rifle, it’s definitely a little larger. 

Next on the list are shotguns. One of the things about a shotgun is it’s devastating. It’s one of the best home defense options and there’s nothing that beats this up close and personal. First, we have a Remington 870 here with a longer barrel. The big limitation of a shotgun is your range. Even with slugs you’re looking at a max of about 100 yards, so while this is great for a close and personal you really need a rifle to be able to reach out to distance in a SHTF situation where you’re defending your home. 

The handgun is an excellent personal, self-defense firearm. One of the things about having a good handgun in an SHTF situation is that it’s fairly easy to conceal, you don’t draw any attention to yourself, yet you have some capability. Honestly, the Glock mag rarely has any issues, and if they do, they’re very easy to repair. Glock is not the only handgun out there as there are a ton of different choices, and like I’ve said before we live in the golden age of firearms which gives us more choices to be able to really fine-tune our preferences. 

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That mid-size handgun is really something that I look for in case of a sh!t hits the fan situation. If I need something larger, I’m already going to my rifle. There are a lot of different options where you can put this in a pack and carry it. It is still a rifle and you can still get about 100 yards out of it, but you know it’s really compact, easy to use, and .22s are extremely cheap – but I would not depend on this as my only survival rifle.

In any SHTF situation, you want to make sure you are prepared and ready for survival. Be sure to watch on for more ‘sh!t hits the fan’ firearm recommendations and drop your go-to S HTF firearm in the comments below.

“Be strong, Be of good Courage, God Bless America, long live the Republic” – Sootch00

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