Strikeman Laser Firearm Training System – Karen Hunter Review

November 4, 2020

The rising cost and scarcity of ammunition is a hardship effecting all gun owners. Most people are choosing to forego live fire training to preserve their ammunition. I cannot disagree with this logic, but training is a must, especially for newer gun owners. Sitting idly not training in any capacity can be detrimental to maintaining or improving your shooting skills. Dry-fire practice is an excellent way to bridge the gap and is something I believe every shooter should incorporate. There are many benefits to dry-fire training, especially for newer shooters.

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I want to introduce you to the Strikeman Laser Firearm Training System. This training tool is a wonderful way to incorporate firearm training without utilizing any ammunition. This system makes dry-firing more fun by giving you real time feedback both audibly and visually. In addition, it is very reasonably priced. As it states on the Strikeman website, “Strikeman is a dry-fire training system that allows you to practice your shooting skills without the need for live ammunition. By using our signature target, laser cartridge and smartphone holder in unison with our phone app, you can safely practice your shot in the comfort of your own home.”

The Strikeman target system is designed to work with the Strikeman app which is available on the Apple Store and Google Play store.  The smartphone app records the laser strikes from the laser cartridge and gives immediate, real time feedback after each shot. The Strikeman app includes a history section allowing you to view your shot placement and other key metrics, graphing out your progress over time. The app gives you the option for sound as well. You can opt for a “gunshot” sound after each fire and also a voice that calls out your shot placement on the target. The Strikeman system comes with the target, laser cartridge, smartphone holder and access to the app. Suction cups are also included allowing you to remove the target mount giving you the option to hang the target on a wall.

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The laser cartridge is designed without a rim so it will not get ejected after firing. The back of the cartridge has a rubber button pad that safely absorbs the impact of the firing pin and triggers the laser to strike when the gun is fired. This cartridge is safe for your firearm and will not cause any damage during use. Laser cartridges available for this system are 9MM, .380 ACP, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .38 SPECIAL and .357 SIG.

My first-time experience with setup and use of this system went very well. I kept the target on the removable mount and set it on my table. Once I downloaded the Strikeman app I positioned my phone with the included smartphone holder in front of the target. In the app, I then selected my distance and adjusted the scale of the target on the screen. I opted to utilize the firing sound and voice feedback so that I could hear immediately where my shot was placed. I did not experience any glitches, technical issues, or delays.

I believe the Strikeman system is a great tool for home dry-fire training. Nothing can replace the need for LIVE FIRE TRAINING, but utilizing a system such as this can be very helpful between range sessions. I love the fact that this system is versatile and portable. You can set this up anywhere inside or outside your home and even in an automobile giving you endless training scenarios. It is also very reasonable in cost. Right now, you can preorder the Strikeman system for $99.00 with deliveries beginning on November 25, 2020. Normal MSRP is $199.00. Strikeman also gives you a money back guarantee – if your shot accuracy is not improved within 15 days, you get your money back. Cost effective, fun and risk free – I believe this is something you should try if you have been looking for an efficient and user-friendly dry-fire system.


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