Battle of the Micros: Taurus G3c, Sig P365 and Springfield Hellcat | Exclusive

Claudia Bircu
August 8, 2020
4 Exclusive: The New Taurus G3c Compared to the Sig Sauer P365 and Springfield Armory Hellcat. We shoot each pistol side by side and go over the details. Big thanks to Robbie Wheaton for his help! Wheaton Arms:

Also thanks to Taurus USA, Springfield Armory and Gun Zone Deals. All Ammo supplied by Fiocchi USA

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Comment by: CHUXSTER

Been shooting Sigs since 1991. Have P228 and the 320X5 Legion, AND the P365. I can't explain it, but the P365 is the sweetest shooting 9mm I've ever owned. It's a combo of the size, trigger and 'feel.' Regularly make 'head shots' at will (at the range) from 50+ yards , and torso shots at 100+ yards, even with the 3.1 inch barrel! The comparison with the HellCat and Taurus as far a size goes isn't quite accurate, IMO, as the P365 with the 12 round Mag (giving 12 +1) is the same size or smaller than the HellCat shown in the Vid. P365 is Sigs greatest product, IMHO, and the only way that I can see it being better is if I had a P365 with a longer barrel....and I may just buy it!

Comment by: JimB

I was plesantly surprised at this comparison as I believe that the G3c is the better of those three firearms but all three are really great 9mm's. I have owned Taurus firearms in the past and have been fortunate that all have turned out to be great firearms with no problems. I currently own a PT 24/7 in .45cal and it is a vg firearm with large capacity and punch, but heavy. I currently carry a Springfield Shield Performance Center 9mm which is really a fine firearm but doesn't carry a large cap magazine. This is why I considered the Hellcat but the G3c has been looking better and better and think it is my next ccw.

Comment by:

You did not review the winner of this category. The Glock 43 X with the Shield Arms magazines. Same exact size as the 10 round Glock magazine but holds 15 rounds. I carry 1 back up magazine plus the gun. 30+1 all day. No need for a magazine extension. If I choose to add an extension I can get 34+1

Comment by: driver56

Thanks to Get Zone & Don for posting this very important comparison. Well done, good points raised, & fairly presented. ALWAYS look forward to Don's views!

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