Battle of the Micros: Taurus G3c, Sig P365 and Springfield Hellcat | Exclusive

August 8, 2020 Exclusive: The New Taurus G3c Compared to the Sig Sauer P365 and Springfield Armory Hellcat. We shoot each pistol side by side and go over the details. Big thanks to Robbie Wheaton for his help! Wheaton Arms:

Also thanks to Taurus USA, Springfield Armory and Gun Zone Deals. All Ammo supplied by Fiocchi USA

When it comes to buying a new firearm, you want to make sure you do a lot of research and you want to make sure that it’s reliable. However, a lot of times choice is dictated by your budget. Finding something that is a lower price point, yet still has quality, reliability and dependability, is important. In a recent review, the Taurus G3 was impressive compared to past models as they have had some quality control issues. Sootch has said a number of times that he believes Taurus over the past five years has really turned the tables and is still offering a reasonably priced firearm. The G3c was another impressive firearm. It has a lot of features to it even though it is a budget firearm and it still compares to a lot of the quality choices out there. Now, we’ll compare it against the SIG P365 – which is probably the most popular concealed carry option on the market today – and then, not far behind it, the Springfield Armory Hellcat. The reason why we’re putting these three together is they’re all three double stacked, and they hold more rounds than any other subcompact out on the market.

The G3c is a nice subcompact pistol that has a 12+1 and comes with three extra magazines. Pointing out some of the latest upgrades. It is a tenifer finish which is better than the original oxide finish that was on the G2C, and it holds up longer. The trigger has been improved, with deeper serrations, making it easier to pull back on the slide. It is Glock site compatible, but they are metal sites, black outline and then a white dot. There are a few other features, but the big thing we’re going to do today is to really compare this with the P365 and the Springfield Armory Hellcat. The G3c is definitely a budget option of those two pistols, but there are some things about this pistol that kind of stand above the P365 and the Hellcat.

Now, we have the Springfield Armory Hellcat, we have the Taurus G3c, and then we have the SIG P365. These are really comparable in a lot of ways. Mainly, that they are double stacked subcompacts. However, the SIG P365 and the Hellcat would really be considered a micro compact because it’s about the same size as most of your single stacked firearms, whereas the G3c is a little bit thicker. Here we can get a good comparison of the slide thickness. It has definitely got a little bit more width on the G3c, but it honestly doesn’t have as much width as a lot of the full size pistols that are out there, so it kind of falls in between.

As far as comparing weight between the three firearms, the Taurus G3c comes in at 21.8 ounces, the SIG P365 at 18.6 ounces, and the Hellcat at 18.2 ounces. With the Hellcat, there is a 3” barrel, a 3.2” barrel with the Taurus, and the SIG has a 3.1” inch barrel, so really all very comparable. You get three extra magazines with a Taurus, two which are 10 rounds plus a 12 round extension. On the Springfield Armory you get 11 rounds and then a 13 round extension. Additionally on the Taurus is the feature of a frame safety which may be a plus for someone who thinks that may be a minus but the two other options do not have that frame safety. As far as trigger pull, the Hellcat has a little more of a crisp trigger when it comes to these. The P365’s is a little bit spongy but nice. When it comes to the Taurus, there’s a definite difference in trigger. One of the things that they’ve upgraded over the G3c is creating just a better, more crisp trigger with a decent break. However, it is a little bit more of a longer trigger that comes out a little farther than the other two.

Taking all three pistols down to the range, just shooting them side by side, really gives you a lot of insight into the differences with these pistols. All three are very reliable. All three are really good solid firearms, but of course with the budget price of the Taurus, sometimes we really expect less – which was not the case in this instance. Side by side we shot the Taurus G3c, then we came in with a SIG P365, and then we took the Springfield Armory Hellcat. One of the things that we noticed with the G3c is that it honestly tracked better than the other two. We were able to get back on target really fast, which definitely has a lot to do with the grip being just a little bit larger and filling your hand just a little bit more. This can give you a little more control over the firearm. With the G3c we have had no malfunctions whatsoever but, we’ve also not had any malfunctions with the P365 or the Hellcat. But with the price coming in at about half of those two firearms, that speaks a lot about the Taurus.

We agree that the Taurus G3c was the softest shooting out of the bunch. It’s just got a great feel to it that we think has to do with just having a little more grip, that is just a little thicker. Side to side it is still pretty similar to both of the Hellcat and the P365, but front and back, you can see the difference in the thickness.

Next in the line was the SIG P365. It does shoot very well with a little bit more muzzle rise and a little smaller and snappier. We think the way they did the magazine on it helps to kind of keep it going down a little bit, shooting fast, especially when we were shooting one handed. It really allows you to feel like you’re a lot more in control over the pistol.

And then we have the Hellcat. It has got a great grip and it is the snappiest out of the box. Maybe to the detriment of our larger hands, this gun just doesn’t fit our hands well and tends to want to move around because of the small size of the grip itself.

The G3c just really was the best out of this bunch as far as shooting the targets. We felt like we had more control over it. It’s not that much bigger than the Hellcat, or the P365 and still, you have the 12 + 1 capacity with the extension on it as well.

The big thing to take away is that it is all about personal preference and putting these guns in your hand to see what you think. Choosing between these firearms? Let us know your choice in the comments below!

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