Video: How to Turn a Shed into a Livable Cabin

Constructing a cabin from scratch involves a lot of time and skill. It can also be pretty expensive. This video features many styles of pre-made sheds that you can purchase at your local Home Depot or Lowes.  These pre-made sheds are constructed like a house, which makes them very easy to convert into a simple cabin even if you only have basic skills.

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There are advantages in purchasing a shed as opposed to building one from scratch. The sheds are delivered as complete shells making it much less timely to convert it to a living space. Also, many of these manufacturers and sellers offer a warranty on their products. However, there are some negatives. You are limited to certain styles and colors, and the durability may vary from vendor to vendor. These sheds typically range from two to five thousand dollars, depending on size. Given the proper skills and time, constructing your own shed from scratch could probably save you 25-50%.

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Choosing a pre-made shed with a barn styled roof will offer much more space and allow for a loft if so desired. Check out the video for other features and ideas to make your shed more functional.

Note – please check to be sure of the legality of making these into actual living spaces in your area as it varies in different places and some areas have restrictions.

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