Unboxing & Testing the New Savage Renegauge Shotgun

New Savage Renegauge Shotgun: Unboxing & Range Test with Eric Lewis

Hi there, I’m Eric Lewis and I’m super excited to talk to you about the Renegauge Shotgun by Savage. We’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of this shotgun and really looking forward to this unboxing review and range test. This is the case that it comes in, so right out of the gate you’ve already got a premium product. The case is solid and its got a great latching system.


Let’s dig in and see what we have in this awesome goody bag!

We’ve got the Savage Renegauge Shotgun unboxed and everything is on the table.  You can see all that comes with the Renegauge straight out of the box. You got a lot of options so you can customize this shotgun to your own specific flavor of firearm. You’ve got different cheek risers, and if you have longer arms Iike I do, you can adjust the length of pull by putting these spacers in behind the butt pad. Pretty much everything straight out of the box that you need to fully customize this shotgun so it can be the perfect shotgun for you.

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It’s been a long time since Savage has had a semi-automatic firearm and one of my first pump-action shotgun was the Savage 12-gauge. Its got a place near and dear to my heart. The quality is top-notch and with this Renegauge, you’re definitely not going to be disappointed. 

Renegauge Shotgun comes with the D.R.I.V Gas System 

The Savage Renegauge Shotgun has the D.R.I.V. system which is a dual gas system that makes sure that your bolt is not over gassing so you’re going to have a more consistent, smooth ejection and function of your bolt carrier. You’re also going to have less recoil. It’s going to manage your firearm in a way that you can load this with any shotshell that you prefer, whether it be a hotter load or lighter target load, it’s still going to function perfectly. And you’re still going to always rely on this shotgun. 

I cannot wait to get the Renegauge on the range to try it out first hand, I’ve been looking and drooling over this for quite a while. We’re gonna load up and head out and try this on a couple of different targets.


Watch Video and see how the Savage Renegauge Shotgun performs in real-world conditions. 

For more information on purchasing the Savage Renegauge Shotgun, visit their website at www.savagearms.com

Author: Eric LewisGetZone.com Contributor. Read his bio here.

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