Volquartsen Firearms Range Sessions featuring Brandon Lilly

Volquartsen Firearms President Scott Volquartsen takes professional weightlifter and Sorinex employee Brandon Lilly out for a  range session. Brandon seeks high performance and follows the “+1” philosophy in his lifestyle, and finds Volquartsen to be a great match. In this episode, Brandon and Scott take the Camo Black Mamba out for their range session to do some target shooting.

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“Build it better is more than a mantra. It is a lifestyle that is based on attitude, mindset, and discipline. You embrace it because you are determined to be better today than you were yesterday. You steadfastly pursue your passions and are humble in your pursuit. You are willing to hold yourself to a higher standard and tenaciously push forward with unwavering persistence.

You recognize that ‘handcrafted’ doesn’t always mean ‘well-crafted,’ and that ‘Made in the USA’ doesn’t always equate to quality. You deserve firearms that are designed and engineered to the highest standards using only the best possible materials and technologies.

The word standard is not in your vocabulary. You never settle, and neither do we.” -Volquartsen Firearms



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