Volquartsen VT2 Takedown Rifle Sootch00 Review

The Volquartsen VT2 is based on the Ruger 1022 Action, but it comes in 22 Magnum, and you can also get it in 17 HMR. It is a takedown rifle, it is a quick change rifle—and you can change these barrels out really simply: you just press a button, pull down on the lever, the barrel comes out, take a 17 HMR barrel, drop it in, put the lever and you’re ready to go. It is a very simple quick change. You can get this in 22 Magnum 17 HMR, or you can get a combination of the two with the extra barrel. They’ve taken that original design of the 1022 and they’ve upped the calibers and made it much more effective, plus it is a takedown rifle. Volquartsen always produces super accurate firearms and this is definitely no different. We want to thank Getzone for putting this together with Volquartsen and for Volquartsen sending the VT2 for this test and evaluation.

Now one of the things about Volquartsen is you know just looking over the firearm, the finish is always excellent. The machining is done top notch, it just has the look of quality and they are very well respected for good reason.

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Shooting from different positions, whether you’re shooting it standing or freehand, I mean it’s just a very natural shooting firearm. Again, it’s very similar to the 1022 but yet it just has a little more heft to it which makes it nice. It really allows you to settle in for the accuracy. We shot quite a bit just shooting off our shoulder. Of course shooting it on the bag in different positions makes it really easy to be able to get behind it and again that heft gives you a little bit of stability. No matter how we were shooting, it if we did our part, this gun was very accurate. The rifle itself is pretty impressive, but when you know you can change that caliber out to either 22 Magnum or 17 HMR, it just makes it very versatile. But if you really like to shoot rimfire and you want to shoot both calibers, this gives you a great way to do it, and it’s so easy to change these barrels out. Of course, this handguard allows for free float action with the barrel and the handguard which just leads to better accuracy.

This makes an excellent backpacking gun as it breaks down very easily. It just fits right on to the rifle, so you keep everything solidified into one piece, especially when you have it down in your bag. It makes it really easy to pull in and out and then you’ve got one piece, just take it down, it’s really easy to reattach the barrel and again, you retain your accuracy. That’s one of the big things about this, is that once you break it down, put it back, there it is right back on target. Especially if you’re hunting and you’re looking for more precision, of course, with 17 HMR or even 22 Magnum, you’re looking for smaller game typically. This is going to give you the capability to retain that zero, and yet have a very packable light rifle to be able to carry no matter where you’re going.

Volquartsen VT2 Takedown Rifle Specs

  • Semi-automatic
  • TG2000 with 2.5 lb. trigger pull
  • 0 MOA integral Picatinny Rail
  • Magpul MOE-K Grip & MOE Milspec stock
  • M-LOK features on both handguards
  • Aluminum VT2 Takedown receiver
  • Aluminum 2” forward blow comp
  • Aluminum thread protector

For more information on the Volquartsen VT2 Takedown Rifle visit www.volquartsen.com


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