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SHOT SHOW 2024, LAS VEGAS, NV – Enhance shooting skills affordably with Strikeman Laser Training. Practice safely at home, get live feedback, and save 20% with code “IV8888” at checkout.


Dry-fire training, a proven concept, hones shooting skills for police, military, and special ops teams over years of practice.

The Strikeman Laser Training cartridge is designed without a rim, so the cartridge doesn’t get ejected after firing. The back of the laser bullet has a rubber button pad that safely absorbs the impact of the firing pin and triggers the laser to strike when the gun is fired. The cartridge is 100% safe for your firearm, and will not damage the weapon during use.

Designed to work with the Strikeman app, the Laser Training System’s target includes a removable mount, so you can place the target where you want it. A custom designed smartphone holder allows you to adjust your smartphone effortlessly so you can point the camera of your phone at the Strikeman target with ease.

Available on the Apple Store and Google Play store, the Laser Training smartphone app records strikes from the laser bullet on the target, while giving you real-time feedback of your shot accuracy. Check out the history section to see your shot accuracy improvements over time, your average shot score distribution, and other key metrics.

The Strikeman Laser Training System includes:

  1. Proprietary Strikeman Laser Bullet
  2. Companion Strikeman Target
  3. Handy Strikeman Smartphone Holder
  4. Access to the Strikeman App (Available on the Apple Store or Google Play Store)

Learn how IV8888 saves ammo and stays on target with Strikeman.


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