Wild Game Recipes: Reverse Seared Venison Backstrap

The venison backstrap is one of the choicest cuts of game meat. This recipe should be tacked up in every deer hunter’s kitchen.

Makes 4 servings:

  • 1 venison back strap lion (12″)
  • olive oil
  • Camp Chef all – purpose seasoning/rub
  • Salt
  • Pepper

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Trim loin and remove all silverskin. Rub olive oil on the exterior of the loin. Season loin with Camp Chef all-purpose seasoning and lightly season with salt and pepper. Set Camp Chef SmokePro pellet grill to the Low Smoke setting (175°) and start Camp Chef SmokePro Sear box and set to medium-high. Smoke loin until internal temperature reaches 100° (about 35-40 minutes). Remove backstrap and place on the sear box, sear for 1 minute per side. Slice and serve with a medley of grilled vegetables.

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