WILDERNESS BONDS: A Woman’s Journey Into Hunting

If you’re gearing up start hunting, don’t miss Katey’s ambitious first hunt for Western Mule Deer in Wilderness Bonds. In Katey’s voice, Wilderness Bonds answers all the questions a new female hunter might ask a most-trusted friend. Getting encouragement in the field through female hunting mentor, Hannah Smith, Katey gears up, gets out and goes for it. We’re on the trail with her and to share the lessons learned along the way.

Women in Hunting

Thirty-two percent of all sport shooters in America last year were female. Throughout time though, women have always hunted, foraged, scrimped, and saved to provide sustenance for themselves and their communities.

Women Have Hunted for Centuries

A team of international researchers identified 391 foraging societies across the world from the 1800s to present day. The paper revealed that regardless of maternal status, women hunted in 50 of these societies—or about 79 percent. More than 70 percent of hunting by females was deemed intentional rather than opportunistically killing animals while doing other activities, per the study. In societies where hunting was the most important activity for subsistence, women participated in hunting 100 percent of the time.

Female hunters search the Oregon hills for Mule Deer in this first episode of GetZone's new original series Wilderness Bonds: A Woman's Journey Into Hunting

Why Women Hunt

In her book, Why Women Hunt, author and hunter K. J. Houtman explores the motivations of 18 women who hunt, covering themost ancient of survival rituals, from the physical to the familial. “This fall, women will feed their families locally-sourced free-range meat,” says Houtman, “that has been foraging on natural grasses, leaves, nuts and berries—clean, delicious food without a trace of chemical additives.”

“But it goes beyond food for many women,” Houtman explained to Forbes. “For some it’s a sense of independence that comes from possessing the skills to hunt, the ability to provide food without having to rely on others. While many grew up in hunting families where they learned to hunt from a young age, an increasing number of adult women are becoming hunters through friends who hunt and by enrolling in programs that help teach women the skills to hunt and process their wild game.”

Female hunters search the Oregon hills for Mule Deer in this first episode of GetZone's new original series Wilderness Bonds: A Woman's Journey Into Hunting

Suggested Gear for Female Hunters

Badlands Gear, the trailblazing hunting gear and apparel brand, proudly supported Wilderness Bonds: A Woman’s Journey Into Hunting on GetZone. Ensuring comfort for female hunters in the field, Badlands has what women need to stay warm, dry, cool, and dialed in on the hunt!

  • 4 new bino harnesses launched this year: Bino AXSBino EZBino X2 and Bino Mag 2, each compatible with harness accessories to customize your setup to your own needs
    • Each harness offered in 4 colors (2 camos, 2 solids) and 2-3 sizes (small, medium, large)
    • accessories/pockets available to attach to your bino harness
  • Badlands’ Women’s Clothing Line:
    • Valkyrie Pack was designed specifically for women, with contouring on shoulder straps and waistbelt
    • Calor apparel pieces (jacketpant) feature Badlands’ Heatwave™ technology, which reflects your own body heat back onto you for added warmth
    • Pecora apparel pieces (LW LeggingLW Crew) feature Badlands’ DuraSpun Merino fabric, combining the toughness of Cordura® with Merino wool, making the pieces soft, yet durable
    • Flex ½-Zip Hoodie designed specifically for women, featuring a larger hood for ponytails and a more contoured fit for women’s shapes. Comes in multiple colors, including Blaze Orange!
  • Lifetime warranty

The ladies made quick work of harvesting mule deer on their hunt with the Mossberg Patriot Vortex Rifle

The Patriot Vortex bolt action rifle features:

  • Drop box magazine Fluted barrel
  • Spiral fluted bolt and streamlined bolt handle
  • Recessed match barrel crown
  • Patented LBA® useradjustable trigger (2-7 lbs)
  • Vortex Crossfire II scope, lens caps, and Vortex rings complete the package
  • Magnum caliber barrels are threaded (5/8″-24 TPI)

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